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Having seen the first season of Dexter (downloaded it last year), I can attest to it being a pretty good series. The Sopranos bored me into near catatonia, however, so we must be coming from completely different angles.
I reckon the Doakes character (albeit completely over the top) is a gem, and the needy/whiny girlfriend is a monumental pain in the arse.
I'm currently burning s2 of Dexter to DVD, and very much looking forward to it. I'm particularly hoping that he offs the girlfriend, although I don't hold out much hope of that happening.

Whatever the quality of this particular series, I'm appreciating the new cable channel. The more HBO clones there are, the better. I'll be tuning in more than a couple of times a week because there's bugger all on the free to air jokes. Hopefully the long-standing Christmas tradition of crap television is abated.

Dexter is great. I would rather compare it with Supernatural though.

Someone lent me season 1 and we sat and watched it pretty much all at once. Great stuff.

Snap! Just recently watched the 1st series of Dexter on DVD and it's certainly a good bone deep cut above CSI: Fucking Everwhere and all that crap. V. snappy dialogue and art direction (Dex turns recreating bloodsplattered crime scenes into works of art) and some damn good acting and nifty subplots, 'specially with Doake's wandering dick and departmental politics.

The 1st series does bog down a bit in Eps 5 and 6 but picks up steam again by the end. By about three quarters of the way in you can sorta see the final twist coming but the showrunners know you know this and deliver a final unexpected twist on the twist. And the final scene both neatly sets up the second series while giving you pause about why you're barracking for Dexter. Although he is cuter and funnier than Hannibal Lector.

Triva time! Which daughter of John Carpenter plays Dexter's step sister and eager beaver homicide detective?

And in the 2nd series (no spoilers ahead), the Department that Dex works for discovers his dumping ground for his victims. Then the media reveals who he was killing and he becomes a anonymous cult hero for the citizens of Miami. "Someone should make a TV series about this guy!"

Also, if you're a plastic sheeting and glad-wrap fetishist, Dexter's the show for you. He's a very tidy serial killer. And the actor playing his stepdad, a burnt out cop carefully raising and training a dangerous beast to do some good instead of lots of bad, has not won enough awards for that performance.

And speaking of serial killers, finally saw Fincher's "Zodiac". Not as quite good as I hoped but better than I expected. But quite haunting in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Not unlike the haunted if not throughly spooked main characters.

Like Matt Saville's "Noise", it shows you how the damage and pyschic disturbance from a killing keeps rippling out from like a stone thrown in a pool. And the second murder sequence by the lake is as hauntingly off kilter as Lynch or Hitchcock at their best. Plus Robert Downey Jr just keeps getting better and better. Like a 21st century Nicholson but with a bigger range.

Not having seen the Sopressas I don't have a yardstick.(What was a a yardstick for? measuring backyards ro 3 feet?)

What I want to know is how is that new Wildside type cop show on SBS measuring up. I haven't seen it yet. Better then REX?

On the recommendation of a friend I ordered Zodiac a couple of weeks ago from my local internet. I hope it's a bit better than The Game and a LOT better than the tedious Seven and Fight Club. But I liked Alien Cubed, so what do I know.

FX, do you mean East West 101? Haven't seen it, either.

Luurve Dexter. Was part way through S2 when I came overseas in early November, will have alot of catching p to do when I get back in Jan. S5 of The Wire also starts January 6th.

One of these days I will have to work out how to download TV shows. But do you have to watch them on monitors? That would suck.

Time to get with the programs.

If your DVD player plays Divx (most do nowadays) its a simple matter to put the files on a disc or USB to watch on your three metre plasma or whatever. My teev is barely bigger than my emac screen though so I dont bother ....

Wot Amanda said. Although I don't use that method - I just convert the file (almost always downloaded as an .avi) to either VCD (if I'm in a hurry), or DVD (which gives better quality, enables me to create menus, and fit 3-4 40ish minute episodes per disc). May sound complicated, but isn't. As my wife watches this stuff with me, it also enables us both to just relax in front of the box instead of cozying up to the PC.

Vote Dexter for Aurukun!

I just caught my first episode of Dexter (I think it was Ep 2, Series 1).

Very interesting set-up etc. I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses, and these reviews have made me hopeful that I won't be disappointed with it.

Thanks, Amanda and 13th. I'll try those techniques out on a downloaded video; will see how it goes.

It's not too shabby at all, TT. Hope you enjoy it.

This is written with all due respect, but Dexter looks remarkably like Matt Price; same face, same hair, same style of clothes.

Also, I have heard/read numerous people say the TV show is better than the books its based on ...

That could be the case seeing I never would have heard of Dexter Morgan if it wasn't for the TV show.

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