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We hijacked their Fed Square do to hand out our own promo material. There was about 15 people there and half of them were freaks.

Only half were freaks?

Actually, I've got to go in to bat for Jon Faine. All week he sounded like he wanted to kill whoever came up with Love Week. He gave a point-perfect demonstration of Barely Concealed Contempt.

Actually, actually, The Pledge is OK.

You reckon he tried to conceal his contempt? You musta listened at a different time to me.

Pity he never took his hockey stick to work and smashed the phones. And smashed the Aunties that talked up the idea. And smashed the CD player whenever it played yet another nauseating love song.

I would have loved that.

Faine wavered in his commitment to contempt, but didn't Red Symons mostly refuse to have a thing to do with it? Either way, I missed every single second of the ridiculous concept - oh okay, perhaps a few nanoseconds as I lunged at the wahless to shut it off.

Good on you for spreading the warning interstate T. Question is, what levels of asinity are the Aunties who dreamt that shit up capable of for next time? Can we get the keys to the Marketing Cupboard and piff them in the Yarra?

Indian Runner + Crossing Guard - very fine films both IMHO. More about the mood than the clear-cut narrative action I'll admit, but dug both in the 35mm format. I'm dubious about the new one, but will jump into it this week sometime I would hazard a guess.

I'm off Red lately, VC, and you know what? I think Red's off Red lately, too. Mind you, I don't give him much of a go these days, so he more than likely has good spells when I'm not listening. Still, he doesn't seem as sharp as he once was. And that Saturday repeat at 11:00 is just daft.

Got around half way through both those fillums, but pulled the pin. Sorry, pulled the penn. It was probably something to do with Bill Collins' maxim: "You get out of fillums what you put into them." I didn't put too much in.

Has he ever made a good film?
But he has been IN a great film.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
of course.
Both his debut and Cameron Crowe's screenwriting debut I think.

His character had a pizza delivered
to him in Mr.My Favourite Martian's class.
any of your students do that sorta thing?

In fact, just last week a bloke rocked up late with a slice of pizza dangling from his gob. But his name's not Spicoli.

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