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You will be disappointed if you are
looking for an argument.
Would you believe 'spirited debate'?
OK then, - anyone who is just gonna say
'you are wrong about that'.

I am wrong about that?


Then why hasn't mine shipped yet?

Are you on pre-order, Pete? I'm am.

And Amazon likes me.

I bloody well should be. Unless I have misunderstood the "click here to pre-order" instruction.

Also, Craig Cameron to Richmond - rebuilding opportunity or beginning of the end?

Did your pre-order notification say "Shipping estimate for these items: December 4, 2007"?

Dunno about Cameron to the Tiges. I reckon his reputation is slightly inflated, but there's no doubting he's been able to unearth the odd gem. Still, he's been at the Dees a long time without us winning a flag, and out of all the players we've picked up under his tenure, not too many are stars. You know, those players who would be core players in a premiership team. And no, I'm not counting the likes of Steven Armstrong or Darren Jolly; both are OK players who managed to luck a spot in a premiership team.

I would rather Bruce, Whelan, Davey, and the other so-called savy picks fleshed out a good side, rather than being seen as the main stars.

Stay tuned for the revolution then, headed up by "Chooka" McLean, "Chunk" Jones, "Juice" Newton, "Masta" Bate, and The Syl.

Even if they turn out to be rubbish, we've got some cracking nicknames.

It will always be Wayne Newton to me.

Can't bring myself to utter that word: Rebuil...

For those who follow the Wire via the tubular interwebs, the fifth and final season starts airing in the US on the 6th of January.

Meanwhile the actual Baltimore Ravens just got rolled by Americas New Team the at the siren. Stiff. How good is Tom Brady?

Jim: Yeah I saw "fifth & final" when I was checking out my delivery date. Sad news.

Gaz: I was thinking of doing a post on Brady. Well, not quite. But he's outstanding.

Looks like I'm going to be making an Amazon order

Season 5 of The Wire off to a promising start. Only nine episodes to go evah. ;-(

Got Season 4 tucked away, A, I'm going to get all my other purchases out of the way before I settle into it.

I want to savour the sucker.

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