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Worst thing I heard since news that HP Sauce had sponsored the brown ball in all tour snooker tournaments (so the brown had 'HP' written on it).

Won't the pink ball get lost in the pink shirts of the crowd? Seems to be the predominate choice for shirt colours amongst English men these days...

I'm thinking of changing my site to cricketwithpinkballs.com

Racist bastards.

Are there any pink seats at the Gabba?

Has the MCC confirmed if profits from the sale of pink balls will go to Br'east Cancer Research?

Dunno if you're from an AFL state, Andrew, but if you put the pink balls together with Up There Pink Lady, you get one of the more disturbing and cringe-worthy images known to good causes.

Sorry Tony T, none of that AFL crap in Sydney..

You phillipine!

Ooh er, Matron, what a bona idea, especially paired with a simply stunning off-the-shoulder outfit by Gaultier.

Funny thing... I was taking the p1ss when I asked about the br'east cancer angle...

"have been made by Kookaburra to raise money for cancer research.."

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