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Is the "back page lead" IN the Herald Sun or ON the Herald Sun?


An Australian player, who played against Murali in 2004, said the television images of him being tested at UWA a few weeks later bore little resemblance to the action of the bowler who claimed 28 wickets in that series.

Hmm, which player made all the runs in that series?

I will be happy to provide my high resolution binocular visual system to the ICC for a fraction of $1 million. Anyway, just slo-mo video every match Murali plays in, and then take the footage, show only the arm, get a group of Indian/Sri Lankan/Pakistani guys of similar appearance to bowl/chuck as they see fit, blur the skin slightly so you can't pick Murali, and arrange a double blind viewing in front of retired umpires and players. The truth will out.

Which player made all the runs? Dunno. But it is Hayden, Kandy territory.

I reckon the batsman in question would be Boof.

He was picking everything Murali sent down and was advising others on what to look for. One of the best cricketing brains too.

Could be right, Bruce.

That's the tour when he unveiled The Boofra.

Specifically in the Third Test with 2 for 50 off 19 and 3 for 42 off 17.

I got 5 bucks, anyone else want to chip in?

I was getting bored with all this, started thinking 'oh what the fuck, just let him bowl goddamit'.

Then - I started thinking, that's exactly what they want.

Eternal vigiliance required.

Though sometimes I think I'm the only asshat in the UK actually worried about the future credibilty of the game we love - nothing serious then.

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