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Obviously your predilections run to writing eruditely about the simple rather than simply watching the erudite.

ps : I thought The Hitcher was great. Not as good as Blind Fury. Which was not as good as Blade Runner (but that IS a classic).

"but Desperation fades away to a quasi-religious wank-fest lecture involving mining, earth spirits, exploitation and retribution"

Sounds a lot like the book then.

Does it have the child-hero in it? I hate fucking child heroes. Little kids faced with demonic enemies would be shitting their undies and hiding behind daddy, not teaching the cowardly stupid adults to look deep within themselves.....

N: Hitcher is indeed a top flick. While Rutger is a memorable baddie in Bladerunner, he's your more authentic VERY bad guy in Hitcher.

T: Reading here and there it seems the film and book, which I haven't read, are similar but not too similar. And there is a fucking child hero. In this case a scripture quoting super-goodie. The movie would have been significantly improved if he was the first one to get the chop.

Any film with "John Carpenter's" before the title is gold.

Classic line in Vampires. A master vampire who walks in the day time, unstoppable, unless we stop him.

There are few directors that could match John Carpenter's Gold between '76 and '84: John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China, John Carpenter's Starman, John Carpenter's Christine, John Carpenter's The Thing, John Carpenter's Escape from New York, John Carpenter's The Fog, John Carpenter's Halloween, John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13. Chuck in Elvis the Movie which is pretty good, and Dark Star which is cult royalty.

Although Starman was a bit sappy and Big Trouble didn't quite work as an Indiana Jones Escapes from New York type of thing.

I like Big trouble, probably only cause Kurt just pisses off and cant be bothered with Kim catrall at the end.

Starman is a bit shit.

His film in the recent masters of Horror JC's ciggarette burns is pretty cool too if you ever get a chance to see it.

Just scored the original John Waters Hairspray at Sanity for $8

They still have sanity stores, who knew.

Masters Of Horror is good value; hats off to Foxtel.

FX, Hairspray, Sanity. I'm struggling with that mix.

Yes, a salute to the weird little genre-bending horror/chiller/thriller/fantasy/SF direct to Vid/DVD movies out there fathered and stepfathered by the likes of John Carpenter, Roger Corman, Robert Solo, weirdo europudding consortiums et al.

Here's a few for starters


None of them are great filmic masterpieces and a lot fall apart at the end but they are all (Except for one. Can you spot it?) movies full of unforgettable moments that big budget and/or "serious" filmmakers would never have conceived of. With the possible exception of a young Stan Kubrick or Dave Fincher.

And yes John Carpenter and Kurt Russell was one of the best screen director/actor partnerships ever, up there with Ford and Wayne, Huston and Bogart, Hitchcock and Stewart, Herzog and Kinski, Burton and Depp or as Cronenberg and Mortensen is now shaping up.

And Boorman and Marvin.

And Brett Ratner and his anus.

Well, obviously The American Astronaut.

"In space... noone can hear you sing."

Kool Kurt.

Snake Plisken.

that's all I'm gonna say.

Call me Plissken.

"The Thing" is one of the best movies ever made

Correct. See here.

Another testament to the all round awesomeness of The Thing is that people who actually work in the Antarctic regard it as a brilliant (and pretty accurate) movie too.

The rest of the big dead place site is also worth wandering around. Apparently hammers are the weapon of choice for those that go crazy there, the chaplain gets spoked by pagan snowmen and disco clothes are popular for booze and sex binges.

Another fillum set in Antarctica is Alien vs. Predator.

Most people probably think it's merely an exercize in kerching cash-in, but it's really quite good and certainly better than the IMDB's 5.4 rating. Skips along nicely, doesn't drag on, good action scenes. It certainly gets the TT seal of approval.

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