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What would Les say?

Chappell should just get over it. Hasn't he realised that Botham is a fictional character yet?!

N: I hate the fact that there is no satisfactory written version of an outright laugh. LOL sux and heh is meh.

M: Heard Hoggy today, the Rodney version, not the Georgie version. He said he's spoken to Botham's manager and said Beef was "absolutely ropable". It's a pity they won't work together in the box. The potential for fireworks might liven up proceedings.

I can see why Botham would be hard work for Australians - In ten years after he made his debut his record was Won 17, Lost 6. Yes, Oz were 'Packered' for some of them, but it's still quite impressive.


Botham wouldn't be hard work for Ian Chappell, apart from in bars. Chappelli's made a career out of measuring Australian Test sides against Chappelli's Australian Test sides, who never played against Botham.

But Botham's hard work for me. Well, for the 1981 and 1982/83 series, anyway, and for a lot of his commentary.

Agree about his commentary. 30% incisive comment and 70% faux 'man of the people' bluster/bullshit.

His sparring with Nasser can be entertaining ('How often did you beat the Aussies Nass?' 'How often did you beat the Windies Beefy?') but there's something slightly unsettling over his incessant fawning to 'Mikey' Holding - like the school runt sucking up to the school captain.

Can't knock his charideee work though!

Haha. Pity Botham didn't brain the cunt. Chappelli's a knob of Greig-like proportions

I've met Ian Chappell and he was as big a fuckwit in person as he seems on TV. More even.

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