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Indeed a coincidence. But how serendipitous is it that 42 can be less than 11...when seen through rose coloured glasses?

Good call Tone. Even from 12000 miles away I recognised a lot of those club cricket scenes!

N: serendipitous is the new ironic.

M: Indeed. Being an old fart, I miss those scenes. Especially the cricket from my early twenties. Great days. I was also going to mention that I first read him from your blog, but he left a comment here so it seemed a bit superfluous.

ahh Teach, thanks a million for pointing there - that stuff is pure gold. I've been giggling like a school girl reading it.
Takes me back to the early days in Scotsdale when we'd pile into the back of a truck and travel out to Tingledale. Our opening batsman was Swinney, a talented all-round sportsman, but with one weakness. He was hopeless playing spin bowling. Tingledale's opening bowler was Bruce Tindale, who could bowl at well over 100mph. But we knew he could only keep it up for 20 overs, so all Swinney had to do was block it, then when Tinny went off, we'd cruise to a winning total.
Well, years before NZ opened the bowling with Dipak Patel, Tingledale had thought of the trick and brought one of the Edmonds on with his left arm nudies. Swinney broke into a cold sweat, played all round the first ball of the match, was comprehensively bowled and we were done for.
Great days.

Thanks for the comments - glad to hear it brings back good memories. One of the great things about lower grade cricket is that it is largely the same world over.

It is a fictional diary of course, but largely based around things I have witnessed over the years.

ekskusay mwoir ... Scotsdale v Tingledale wasn't "lower grade cricket"! When we'd emu-stalked the paddock to get all the cow pats out of the way, the play was of the finest standard.

Oh, I forgot to add ... Len Pascoe's brother was the recently retired CEO of the Shire of Denmark - Pascoe Durtanovich.
He's somewhere on the Nullabor now, pulling his caravan in the general direction of Taswegia. Lucky bastard.

""Scotsdale v Tingledale wasn't "lower grade cricket"!""

Apologies. I should have recognised that any game on a field without rabbit burrows was clearly not lower grade :)

In terms of Big Len, I'm interested in the name Pascoe Durtanovich. I know that Durtanovich was his name before he changed it, but I wasn't sure where the Pascoe came from.

Pascoe once told me it was the name of their hometown in the "old country". That doesn't sound like a Yugoslav placename, but I haven't checked it.

Indeed a good blog... Reading the 'A-Z of terms' is enough of itself...

For example;
Hat trick – A hat trick is usually performed at university, and it is when you manage to get a root three nights in a row. For it to be considered a ‘true’ hat trick, it should be with three different women (or men if that takes your fancy). In cricket, it is when you take three wickets in three consecutive balls, but this is far less impressive.

Good work!

One of my most memorable Memorable Moments occurred in November 1983 when we, Wickham, were playing Karratha Kats in Karratha.

We'd had an all-night piss up on the Saturday and only just made it to the Sunday game with moments to spare. Fortunately none of us had hangovers, but this was mainly because we were all still pissed.

Anyway, our opening bowler who is the brother of a prominent WA politician - to maintain the politician's anonymity I'll call him Jim McGinty - bowled a bouncer at the Kats' opener and then gave him a mouthful. Next ball he gave him another bouncer/mouthful combo. Next, the same. Next, the batsman, sick of it, hooked him for six at which point our bowler strolled down the pitch, stood in front of the opener and dropped the loudest fart in the history of cricket. Needless to say, the rest of us pissed idiots fell about laughing. Crude yes, but still v. funny.

The batsman made a few, as I recall, and we lost. But we won the premiership.

Put it this way: We were relieved he didn't follow through on his follow through.

Nice story. I remember a few games at uni. where both teams would turn up still pissed off their nuts from the previous night. One very keen player missed a game one week cause he failed to wake up, so the following week he and a few mates took their drinking session down the ground and he actually slept on the pitch (it was turf, so probably fairly soft) so that he wouldn't miss the next one.

Thanks also for the news about Pascoe - interesting trivia to know.

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