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I want to see the footage now.

But really unless there is a comprehensive way we can test in game or in game-like conditions there is always going to be a doubt. How about making him bowl to a batsman until he gets him out, say 5 times. This would take a long time potentially (not the UWA sanctioned handful of deliveries) promoting the fact for him to bowl at his full potential. Tiredness would also come into play, giving an accurate reading of what would happen in a match. Would his action fall away as time went on? (something that can't possibly be shown in conventional testing)

It's flawed but what testing version apart from full match conditions isn't?

As a matter of fact he has been filmed @ 2000 frames
compare his action to lasith malingas. flexation seems to be identical. I'm sure we will see a lot more super duper slow mos in the test series.

That last delivery does him absolutely no favours whatsoever. First one looked not a problem, and thats where the issue lies.

again we are only looking at it from one angle. yes there is some flexing, but look at malinga. to the naked eye he has a straight action, still there is definitely some flexing. I'm sure that this is true to most other bowlers. the point im trying to make is that if not for his bent elbow non of this would have come to light.

OK, this isn't a rant against Murali. I am probably in the minority in that I don't have a major drama with him. However, the one thing that really annoys me is when sections of the media go on about him clearly not throwing his doosra because he could do so with bracing. It is far easier to bowl a legal doosra with bracing than without!

To bowl a doosra you have to release the ball over your wrist (which works against the angle of elbow). Simple test - try holding your right elbow straight (assuming you are right handed) with your left hand. By bracing your elbow, you can still bowl the doosra and the brace simply limits the flexion. Without the brace, you can't stop your elbow bending. This is born out by the testing, which shows Murali's normal flex at 5 degrees, and his doosra at nearly 15. I feel it is involuntary, but the important part is the fact that the brace proves nothing in terms of legality in a game.

What Stuart said.

There's none so blind as those that won't see - or don't want to.

"Of course, the test was far from perfect. Critics said Murali bowled slower than usual and did not turn the ball as sharply. They added that the issue was not whether he could bowl fairly but whether he did in matches."

Let's see him wear the cast/brace in a match then.

Otherwise the test in front of Slater and Nicholas is just a total waste of time.

All he's proved is that he can't bowl his doosra properly with his arm in plaster.

What Stu and Mark said. If you stand on a rope bridge and it bends more than 15 degrees you might think it was unsafe. If you reinforce it with steel and it doesn't bend at all, you haven't really said much about the original bridge.

Lets put braces on a few other players then. lets see if Lee or Shohib can bowl bouncers at 140+ with the brace on . The whole point of the brace was that his action still looked bad in it. meaning he fails the "eye test" because of his bent elbow more than any thing else.

If Murali's action was a bridge, it would be the Tacoma Narrows in 1940.

Compare Lee to Shoob by all means, but comparing Lee to Murali is just cheeky; the first two are sometimes sloppy but basically sound, Murali is an architectural disaster.

Or to quote Patrick Smith: "If Lee's delivery is deemed a little chuck, then Muralidaran's is the equivalent of projectile vomiting."

which brings us back to - everybody chuck, it really is just a matter of by how much. is a little chuck ok? ICC reckons 15 degrees is acceptable. what do you reckon? 5 degrees? how many players will have stop bowling then?

cricket is and always has been evolving as a game. we went from rolling the bowl underarm along the ground to pitched underarm bowling to overarm bowling.Cant imagine the commotion that would have caused! bats went from hockey stick look-a-like to straight bats to a whole tree compacted to a 2 lbs 8 oz with carbon handles.

Again if not for the permanently bent elbow murali would have looked like any other bloke in the park, and everybody would have gone about chucking the odd ball here and there and nobody would have noticed.

So it looks like Hungry Jacques will get the nod for the 1st test and we can close the file on Brad Hodge's test career. I still worry about how they will hide him in the field.

The other Hussey (Brazen?) surely must be on someone's list.

Is it my bad memory or was it only a few years ago that the Aussie middle order was brittle? Now we seem to have more 5s and 6s than you can shake a stick at.

And Simon Katich scores 306 to just remind everyone he can still bat.

He scored 183 between lunch and tea. Someone needs to check his gatorade.

I can't believe that a decade on this is still being debated.

He chucks.

He's always chucked.

The ICC folded to the Asian nations to ensure that he it could be branded "racist".

Tony Greig will defend him to the hilt this summer particularly when the crowd screams "no ball!"

Unfortunately we have to get over it.

The fucker's a chucker!

No super-slomos of Murali bowling will be shown on Channel 9.

Ain't that a fact. But they'll certainly try to pull a fast one when they deceitfully focus in tight on his hand:

You see, by "bowling" I really mean "hand". Whereas Nine showed full-view, side-on, wide-screen, Todd-AO, Vist-A-Vision high resolution footage of the other three bowlers' complete actions, with Murali, they instead shot from behind and tightly cropped the footage to show just his hand.

As said above, Chipper. ICC gutless. When in 10 - 15 years time we have a number of 'chuckers' (projectile, not occasional vomit) in the the game, the ICC should be held to account.....Mind, with the advent of 20/20 bash, who'd want to be a bowler. That reminds me, if a tree falls in the woods & no one is there to see it, does it make any noise?

If a dancer dances beside the ground in a 20/20 match, does anyone notice?

All they were missing were poles. Hey theres a new concept, hit the Mercantile Mutual pole dancer on the full for $100,000!

But hold the epileptic music.

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