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Good on Ian Callan. Pretty good fast bowler himself. I saw him take 7 for nothing in a Shield game around that time.

Putting RT together with TT together with something in the post you get a very funny in joke. But only very.

Jelly wrestling match to the death, only way to settle it.

The British Establishment has survived for so long because they are prepared to accept the occasional 'uncouth oik' into their midst.

Plus being a raving monarchist to the extent that he thinks all Republicans should be hung probably did him no harm when they were looking round for potential knights.

Yours (swinging from Beefy's gallows)


Chappelli isn't the only one dishing out the dirt on Botham at the moment, Duncan Fletcher's having a go, too! It's all over cricinfo. Think I might actually buy Fletcher's book by consequence, some of the quotes I've read about both Flintoff and Botham are pretty funny.

It doesn't surprise me one jot that most of the England players think he's a prawn - he's always been the David Campese of English cricket.

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