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Though the competition terms don't expressly say so, I suppose Googling for the answer is cheating.

Good write up Nabby.

The guy's a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan so he should be a bit the bad side of wacky. A character called Scott Norwood get set on fire by a burning motorcycle in the film early?

Bring on Ollie Reed.

What's up, Dick? This is what: "Now here's an astonishing thing ..."

(Ebert to Richard Roeper.)

I've heard that not only is this movie a shocker, it's a true representation of Mr Vincent himself. Anyway, one more to avoid from the $1/week bin.

(by the way, 'Virtually' is mistyped on your header).

I liked Two Lane Blacktop (maybe this post coulda been called Two Wheel Blacktop) and Easy Rider and Vanishing Point back when I saw them over twenty five years ago, but I'm too old now for existentialist clap-trap.

Virtually explained.

Sounds like a 'must see' to me!

Great title for the post. Very Churchillian of Ebert in that exchange, wasn't it? Will studiously avoid BB. Couldn't agree more about Two Lane Blacktop, Easy Rider & Vanishing Point being high points of the sub-sub-genre. Would also submit Grapes of Wrath, Sullivan's Travels and The Wizard of Oz as earlier examples.

Funny you should mention, Sullivan's Travels, Laddy. Look in today's post.

Although, being a Sturges-esque* fandango, it doesn't quite fit within this post's sphere of operation.

* Anyone who exclaims "Sturges? This ain't a western!" is in the wrong blog.

Top work, Nabakov.

"No real female will be refused". Form an orderly line, ladies! Heh.

5 Graves. And no Google (well, I did check IMDB before I posted, so as not to make a bigger fool of meself than normal). One of my Dad's favorites.

Vanishing Point - now THERE was a road movie. Also one of my Dad's favorites. He was rather catholic in his tastes (and morals, as it happens).

Gallo is offering himself as a male escort on his site, and offers to sell his sperm.

He is also the most talentless dick in hollywood

Chlo Job.

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