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I reckon it would be great to work with you. Apart from then I'd have to be a teacher. Which sounds a bit too much like hard work for me.

It's not all beer and skittles, TC.

You should have seen how many of the co-leagues listed as their favourite team: Holden Racing, Ferrari, Ford and assorted motor mobs.

Still, there was one woman who listed her fave fillum as Withnail and I and there were TWO Demons fans, so it's wasn't all vroom, vroom, "Go Pies!" and pithy quotes like "Obstacles are just opportunities in disguise," which I suspect were ripped from the nearest desk calendar.

(No Port fans, I'm afraid.)

Ohh yeah. And I mis-linked the picture of me hard at work at Chateau Maysbury. That electricity is in the blood. Even as a four year old I was digging cable trenches in the front yard.

What an original idea.

About 8 years after everyone else has thought of it.

I s'pose after your pic they'll call it FuckFaceBook.

How do they know what to call you?

Tone, Tones, Ants, Ant, Tony, Anthony?

I'd start by saying on your intranet site:
" I like to be called Mr T"

Has a ring. And for those hepcat /insiders situates you in time.

I said insiders. But then theres the insniders to deal with. I always drifted to the insniders. Not that you could tell.

mmh I just actually looked at the pic.

Your cardy is done up with the buttons out of synch with the holes.

Now that I recall. The last time I saw you your cardy was done up with the buttons out of synch with the holes.

Good to see the teachers finally threatening to kill rather than the students.

Hey I just watched "Once Upon A Time In The West" last night on Fox Classics. Is Claudia Cardinale hot or is it just me?

God that FX is a mean bugger. I think the photo's cute, even though I did pause over the cardy-buttoning. It seems to be matching up ok at the neck, but somehow one buttonhole too long by the time it gets to the bottom.

"Is Claudia Cardinale hot or is it just me?"

Nah, you're not hot. Claudia is though.

Re that picture for this post Tony, if you did have a caption contest, I'd post:

"Am I holding a petrol powered mower, a wheelbarrow or two scooters at once? In front of a prize-winning flowerbed. Well in all this confusion of being five tears old, I forgot. So you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya mum?

"five tears"

Well yeah, that should obviously read "five years". Intially.

And I bet that photo was taken with one of those old look down through the viewfinder with pop up shields cameras. The kids these days just don't understand the instruction "hold still!" while your parents fussed over the fancy imported eurotech with bubbled leather and chrome trims.

...even though I did pause over the cardy-buttoning. It seems to be matching up ok at the neck, but somehow one buttonhole too long by the time it gets to the bottom.

It's a Mobius Cardigan, guaranteed to button up and unbutton incorrectly, even though theoretically, the number of buttons match up with the number of holes...

As long as nobody screams when they kiss the teacher. That's the main thing to avoid.
Any fallout from Summer Heights chez vous, Tony?

The cardy looks both too high and too low on the left side. Work that one out.

Couldn't everyone just call you 'Sir'?

Good choice on the film though.

Picture this, and put it with this:

Cheyenne to Jill: You know what? If I was you, I'd go down there and give those boys a drink. Can't imagine how happy it makes a man to see a woman like you. Just to look at her. And if one of them should pat your behind ...

[Music stops]

... just make believe it's nothing.

[Music starts]

They earned it.

The picture up top was taken just before I popped out to meet the gang at our local; or rather, meet our gang at the local. That's Alfalfa on the right, Darla in the middle and, of course, a young Spanky on the left.

No Summer Heights shenanigans, either. But if they kissed the teacher, I'd scream.

Well of course you would. And your fellow staff would come to laugh at your discomfort and suffering.

I think you should change your quote to "if they write stuff like"Obstacles are just opportunities in disguise," kill them!

The mobius cardigan is really cute. Gran knitting?

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