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Well done Teach, a sterling effort.
Some displacement activity.
(In a wistful kinda way, given their likely fate) "go eags".

Five years?!! You get less than that for manslaughter these days....

Seriously though - well done.

Thanks, chaps.

"Chaps"?? geddorffovit, I'm a BLOKE.

Time flies! Well done on keeping up the bloggy goodness.

Well done Tone. Never a dull moment. Well, maybe one or two but overall...then again there were periods it got a bit tiresome. You have always been there for me though, I remember the time ... I..I..words can't express.(sob)..., I love you man.

... and John Brumby was the Premier when you started ... and now 5 years later it's ...
The AfterBracksSlog.

This blog is a success for the same reason Maccas succeeded -
the customer knows what they are gonna get when they get in here.
Congratulations on your
consistency and quality Sir.

What we've learnt in the world of sport (AGB style) over the past five years:

- Murali still chucks (Hayden. Kandy. LBW?)
- Melbourne still gives their supporters the shits by not moving forward one inch in the aforementioned period.
- Australia are clearly the best team in the cricketing world, despite one horrendous hiccup in England a few years ago.
- First sporting post was about Collingwood getting into the Grand Final v Brisroy. Please.... please... don't let it happen again.
- The window has been bolted shut, boarded up, and everything else you can do to not let anyone in for my side (Saints if you were wondering)

and finally,

- Oh yeah, Murali STILL chucks...

Happy birthday!

It's a birthday AGB shares with Jose Feliciano, Karl Lagerfeld, Arnold Palmer, Colin Firth, Joe Perry, Yma Sumac, Ian Fleming, Robert Wise and Huub Hangop ("June" is actually the Dutch spelling of "September"). Not many people know this.

Blow out the candles on this.

In 1990 Bowie arranged a phone-in poll to decide which of his old material he would play on his "Sound + Vision" greatest hits tour, an idea quickly dispensed with when "Laughing Gnome" won by a landslide in the UK.

Plus column: Bowie picked the absolute right time to flog off bonds backed by his royalties. He strolled away with $55M for ten years of royalties up front, just moments before the entire world discovered free internet music downloading.

Minus column: Tin Machine.

Oh yeah - happy birthday.

thanks gloomy russian novelist for that link - I had a great time with Bowie and Paul Williams via the links links.
(Well I had to do something to obliterate the horrific sight of HuubHangup from HamsterJam fer chrissakes).

That Tony Day song is better than pretty much all the rolled mould rubbish Bowie's done since about 1975.

And don't get all Berlin scene, Reed, Iggy, Heroes is great on me.

Although, just now looking at a discography, there are plenty of albums I've never even heard of, so they could go alright. But I bet they don't.

And Paul Williams! Carburetors man, that's what life is all about...

I was not myself last night
Lost a fight, my woody barely running
By a dude I should have beat
And on the street a blow like that is stunning


David Bowie?? Anything I've said in this column about Murali or Bert Newton goes double for David Bowie. An absolute shocker, and just in case anyone brings it up, Neil Young is bloody awful too. What's with young kids and ABC radio "discovering" this old codger with bad sideburns and flanno shirt??

"And don't get all Berlin scene, Reed, Iggy, Heroes is great on me."

Well I will. Bowie from about 1971 to about 1981 came up with a consistently great stream of evolving material that really defined what being an arty Anglo pop cult hero was all about. And the Low, Heroes, Lodger trilogy is still influencing a new generation of bands like Dylan never quite did. (Disclaimer: I suspect I feel about Dylan the way Tones seems to feel about Bowie.)

Listening to " The Seeecret Life of Araaabia" right now. Fuck, Carlos Almor was a brillant plucker.

A decade of restless creavitity is a pretty good innings for any contempory popular musician.
Plus as carneagles observed, he got the dough while the doughing was good. And all his product has been crap since.

Speaking as a respectable middle-aged citizen now, my idea of a great party does still involve getting loaded and shaking a leg to "I'm Bored" and "Jean Genie" back to back.

As they were to begin with.

Nabakov, I'm afraid I missed Bowie's decade of "creavitity", or even his creativity. I remember a lot of hype, and great public relations to foist Bowie off as an innovator, and a crap single called "Jean Genie", which sounded like the backing was ripped off Sweet's "Blockbuster" or the Yardbirds' "I'm a man".

Happy Birthday mate!

Not that I am arguing about the lryics, but I always thought he said "My brain felt like a warehouse that had no room to spare".

Much like OZZY always thought Hendrix was singing "please excuse me while I kiss this guy"

I think my interpretation of Bowie makes more sense. Some royalties for me?


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