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Edmundo levando no pé do ouvido.


Dipper whacking Alan Stoneham. Everyone else got belted after it except bloody Dipper.
Best Blackeye in VFL history.

Just looking at it again. Sure it would have hurt, but that second arm movement of the bloke on the ground is a give-away he was hamming it.

One of the few things I dislike about my favourite PG-rated sport, tennis, is that you just don't get this kind of action. Which is a shame, especially since they've spent so many years practicing to whack balls with wood, metal and carbon fibre implements.

I like the way it has a slow build. There's a couple of slaps and you think "I wonder where this is going?" and then WHOOF it's on.

You can't be serious Tony. The guy was out cold and twitching.

"The guy was out cold and twitching."

Only after he'd twice adjusted his right arm for comfort and dramatic photocoverage.

I've seen better acting in student films.

Acting, pure and simple. And it's not as if hamming it up is foreign to soccer players, anyway. He'd probably been practicing that dive at training.

I forgot you used to live in Geraldton...it's not a real hit unless his head falls off right?

Hmmm that reminded me a bit of some of the "good old days" of Australian soccer when clubs were based largely on ethic grounds, unlike they are now.

I can't remember the exact games but I do remember a couple where some on field biffo led to spectator invasions and brawls where the supposedly macho and brave supporters would wade in trying to kick other people from a distance, often from behind, obviously trying to stay away from any flying fists or hint of retaliation!!

In one game a spectator was brandishing a corner flag at someone.

Fighting is really stupid (I know because I have been in a couple) but if you are going to fight.. at least try and be a man about it ffs.

Y: Don't forget; I played in the Upper Great Southern, too; plenty of animals there. But it's fair to say Geraldton had their fair share of thugs. We even had The Mullewa Flu, which is when players mysteriously got sick when we had to play there, and which was a bit like this kind of thing.

TGM: While soccer has its colourful blues (Colourful Blues: that's a joke, boy, a joke. Geddit?), but there have been plenty of nasty incidents in Aussie rules. Although that kicking technique seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of soccer brawls.

Check out any 'NHL fight' link on You Tube. In fact, put 'Cloutier and Salo' into the search engine...

Mark, last night I YouTubed 'Cloutier and Salo' and spent an hour looking at hockey fights. It's a good way to pass the time.

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