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For nothing.

It took me nearly ten seconds to escape and force quit that shit at the link.
Unfortunately, it was 10 seconds too fucking long.
Has this site been hacked?

Flipping awful, isn't it.

You, Tone, are a prick.

Thank you very little.

Any more of that Tone and I might have to revisit that promise to "never ever give AGB up".

F**k nut loose bustard...lol

I figured you'd like it.

Ha! That was good for a laugh. I left him on all night and this morning accused my wife of letting Rick Astley take control of our PC. The subsequent row was pure gold.

I can just imagine the exchange:

Mr W: "Why did you let Michael Bolton take control of our PC?"

Mrs W: "He doesn't sing Never Gonna Give You Up."

Mr W: "A-ha!"

Mrs W: "Oops."

and i thought my pc caught a virus. LOL

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