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I caught that Einstein Factor, but missed the 'Mein Kampf' bit. Pity. My one enduring memory of that show is the light of triumph and victory reflecting off that boy's braces at the end of the show.

They have a Spelling Bee competition on SBS at the moment for kids, which is amusing, but the producers have stuffed the rules up - they don't always use the word in a sentence, and sometimes the kids get caught up on homophones. One gave the correct spelling for 'Tourney', though was marked down because they were looking for the word 'Tawny'; another gave the spelling 'Corners' though the examiners were looking for 'Cornice'.

I'm all for bloodsport/kids on game shows, but you've got to get the rules right!

I was amazed by how much these three knew. Even more so that they knew about "proper" things, not New Idea shit or crap telly.

The boy's braces reminded me of me. The fact that he knew stuff didn't.

Here's a "part" for your asses.

Woz watching the women's shot put at the World Champs. Round 5, and some German bird threw her way to bronze contention. Then a Kiwi bird (the eventual winner) I think.

Two throws later and the German is back in the circle. I notice the graphic didn't have her most recent throw so I'm thinkin' "this must be a replay".

But did the peckerhead on SBS realise? The guy WHO GETS PAID MONEY to do this job? No. So he's prattling away as if it's a different throw. It wasn't until the Kiwi bird reappears that the penny drops.

[sound of crickets chirping for 20 seconds]

"Erm. Just a recap of round 5 action there."


And anyone notice the plethora of gratuitous vulva shots? Curiously, none on the 16 year old Aussie pole vaulting bird wot is related to that Russian bird. They were doing close ups of her HANDS(?!??) I wonder if it was an age thing?

ps: Dogupyaz.

That'd be arses, Notorious Biggy Baby.

It's a wonder the Channel Nine cricket commentators don't fall into the trap of re-commentating replays. They have so many it throws me out every time I look away and then look back, thinking that the last ball looked just like the previous one.

regarding Part the 8th of that Post:

You'd be the Winner in People's Hearts Tone.

Hey, Big Ramifications, I saw some of the women's shot putt, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you take away the crouch at the beginning, their action looks like they have been to a Sri Lankan Spin Bowling Academy.
None of them got much turn on the pitch, though,and the bounce was virtually non-existent.

A: In my best Chip 'n' Dale voice "Thangyoo, you're too, too kind."

P: There'd be a lot of sweeping, then, and maybe DK's aluminium bat would find a niche. And aside from the fact it would dent less, it would turn a tonk into a tink.

Onya Tone, I don't like that little rag of a man either.
The Chess kid was brill on Kasparov, but also on the general questions - frog girl didn't have a general clue comparatively.
Times have changed, when I were a lad, Mein Kampf was on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in Australia. I first got a copy when teaching history in Merredin in 1975, but my copies of Mao's LRB and that Danish thing for schoolchildren date from uni days.

Lefties complain that Howard's cricket tragicness is a scam to wow the battlers, or batters, as the case may be. And I tend to agree. A real cricket fan can spot a real cricket fan from miles orf, and this 'ere real cricket fan has his doubts about Howard's cricket fannedness.

But I get worse from Kruddler. My bullshit detector heads into hyperdrive when he smarms onto the telly. I prefer Keating; at least he didn't pretend to be anything he wasn't.

My best mate is a history teacher with as broad a knowledge of 20th century Germany as anyone I know. He reckons MK is a numbing bore.

"Howard's cricket tragicness is a scam to wow the battlers, or batters, as the case may be. And I tend to agree."

I reckon it's more a case that like most professional pollies, he decided to adopt a team and/or sport because it's actually a pretty handy icebreaker when you have to meet briefly lots of people with whom you may not have much in common.

"Gidday mate, how about those Pies/Wallabies/Socceroos/Warnie, hey?"
" Er yes, how about them, Prime Minister/Premier/Minister."
"Great talking to you, just great. Gotta go now."

And of course associating yourself with the baggy greenies over the last 15 years or so wouldn't do any harm for someone trying to project themselves as a winner after a pretty ordinary innings in the eighties. And I'm sure he probably gets right into the stats side of it. But no, he's never struck me as one who could really appreciate the intrinsic poetry, drama and existential tedium of a tight five day test ending in a draw.

Speaking of existential tedium I have a copy of MK. You're welcome to borrow it. Not so welcome to return it. It really is bum-numbingly dull. The only interesting thing in it is that Adolf laid out exactly what he going was to do (ie: exterminate the Jews and Slavs and seize Mittle Europe and Western Russia) and no one paid any attention at the time - perhaps because no-one could be arsed reading all the way through.

Incidentally do you have my copy of David Thomson's 'Suspects'?

Suspects? Umm ... ... errr ... ... ahhh ... maybe an unknown person slipped it into my pocket, but I can't remember if it's there.

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