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I've read this post twice now, and still can't find any reference to AFL or cricket. Am I missing some hidden message?

Seriously though, nice write up, even though I don't find Elizabethan stuff all that interesting.

How about this then, Damon: check the heading in 5 minutes.

Aaaaand, I did mention leagues.

Anne-Marie Duff is excellent. She plays Fiona in Shameless, which I highly suggest you check out.

Just looked at Shameless on IMDb. To paraphrase Haley Joel Osment: "I see quirk people."

"even though I don't find Elizabethan stuff all that interesting."

What, all that sex, spying, torture and swordfighting? I say verily if thou art tiredest of such stuffish, thou is weary of life itself.
Shame Dick Lester, George MacDonald Frazer and co are no longer up to turning that era into the kind of roistering swashbucker that'd give Kate Blancmage and Gwyneth Paltrey the vapours.

And I reckon you could make a good dirty, gritty and hardnosed TV series about Elizabethan spooks. Sir Francis Walsingham and his hardbitten motley mob in a covert war against those damned papists. With occasional special guest star Tim Roth as Sir Francis Drake (there is quite a resemblance there), head of the Special Bess Boat Service.

The Virgin Queen (I don't think this is a spoiler. Can you even have a spoiler in a historical drama?) dedicated plenty of time to Walsingham and his agents. In particular the agents' interception of coded messages between the Spanish, Anthony Babington & Mary QOS. As well as time spent on the actual deciphering of those messages.

But I agree there's most definitely a series to be made on the schemers and scheme foilers of the Tudor courts.

"But I agree there's most definitely a series to be made on the schemers and scheme foilers of the Tudor courts."

With cloaks, daggers, shit in the streets and bureaucratic infighting (in ruffs and tights) a la Le Carre or "Spooks".

"So why are we still giving Kit Marlowe a monthly subsidy of one pound and a gill of salt? He hasn't produced any decent intel product since Bess was a virgin."
"Well, he does keep scoring us backstage passes to The Globe and the pissups at Hampton Court afterwards."

Call it Kit & Kyd: The Spies Who Came in from the Closet.

Come to think of it, I should have used a Marlowe quote in the post: "Comparisons are odious."

Oh dear Tony you are naive!
re"Can you even have a spoiler in a historical drama?"

have you not noticed that the movie audience demographic is not triple-digit IQ ?

true story: friends just returned from tourism in England recount overhearing at Ann Hathaway's cottage Stratford etc an American teen who claimed to have never heard of William Shakespeare.

"Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and ... "

"Stop! You'll roon it for me, dude."

I saw Helen Mirren in bits of Bessie 2 ; I couldn't see what the fuss was about. She did her usual routine of looking slightly distracted. Apparently she was a top stage Shakespearean actor, but you'd be hard-pressed to know it from the dross she stars in nowadays. Her main point of interest is her resemblance to The Sandman's mother (as seen in The Sandman in Siberia), with whom she shares Russian ancestry.

But she was great in Prime Susp ... sorry, slipped into TV guide mode there.

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