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True or False? Go donly knows.

True or False? Go Donly Knows is the theme song of Bi Glove.

I had a similar "ordinary" trivia evening some weeks ago. We were attending with friends to raise money for their local area kindergarten. There were 4 rounds of 10 questions, with Round 4 being aimed at the kinds attending the kindergarten, rather than the oldies who were paying for the kindergarten.

Rnd 4, Q1: What is the name of Bob The Builder's cement mixer?
Rnd 4, Q2: Name the (original) members of Hi 5

As my partner and I were in the tiny minority of childless people in the room, we felt very left out.

There was too much fluffing about (fund raising stuff, which is why we were there i suppose) and not enough trivia!

The one thing that made the night more enjoyable was when a ratbag (RB) woman on the table next to us decided to object very loudly and confidently to an answer:

Q: What is the capital of New Zealand?
A: Wellington
RB: No it's not!! (shouted out, while leaping to her feet)
Crowd: Laughter.

It's a shame the kiwi in our team was at the bar at the time and thus missed the opportunity to defend his nation.

I understand the NZ Olympic Committee is writing to the IOC to withdraw from the Beijing Summer Olympics.
They've realised that every EnZedder who can swim, run or jump is living in Sydney.

I recently ran the trivia night for the primary school fundraiser and had a round very similar to the one objected to above. General knowledge was for 10 year olds and every young'un I tested them on got the perfect score - although some teams of adults only managed 3/10.

Seemed like a way of getting away from the usual cookie-cutter quiz nights.

We were recently at a trivia night which had a higher percentage of wrong answers than usual. But I would like to throw one open to the After Grog Blog experts, which cropped up on the night -- I had no idea, since it related to James Bond movies, which I rate lower than The Sound of Music, and like that film, I have never seen one from beginning to end.
Apparently David Niven starred as James Bond in the 1950s in Casino Royale -- does this count as a James Bond movie? The guy running the quiz had never heard of it, so checked with an authoritative source -- one of his mates on a mobile phone -- who gave it the thumbs down. What is the general verdict on this one?

There have been TWO previous Casino Royales prior to the 2006 version.

The first was a TV version in the 1950s starring Barry Nelson. It's not a movie.

The second was a movie version in the 1960s starring David Niven as Sir James Bond, Peter Sellers as James Bond and Woody Allen as Little Jimmy Bond. It's a spoof.

Doesn't count in other words. It's also fucking awful.

You won't get a disagreement from me about that. Derek Flint + Matt Helm + Inspector Clouseau = flop.

I've heard the recent Casino Royale goes alright, but.

Damon, fund raising trivia nights are almost uniformly dreadful.


Well, except for one legendary blooper encounter that I might one day blog about here.

Wasn't that Joyce?

ah no.

He wrote You Lizzies.

A hockey club quiz night, of which I was not a member. Trinity Old Boys or possibly University. About 15% of the questions were in-jokes.

"Who passed out after the GM and couldn't find their keys and woke up with wet pants?" sort of carry on.

Top that, haters. Do ya fucken believe it? I was chokin' on my own rage the whole night.

FX: Don't you mean Oh Dizzy Us?

Biggy: Yeah, hate those questions, too. I went to a trivia night here in Melb where they asked things like "What is the address of the Werribee post office?" and "Draw a map of such-and-such suburb." and "What shop is on the NW corner of so-and-so intersection?" Fvckers! Aaaaand, as it happens, I went there with an ex Trinity/UWA boy.

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