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I'd say Russell, but I'm scared what he might confess to.

Number 3 is a pretty dangerous confession, mush.

Are you crazy? The TV volume must be on an odd number!

B: My hand trembled as I typed it.

M: Even Heretic!

re #3. I cannot believe it; and don't come back at me with "Well would you believe I go there a lot to eat?".

re the sprouts - crucifying time for cruciferous veggies?

Russell has pretty much confessed to everything already, except torching the Palace and maybe Numerical Heresy ...

and ... Lolita's author may very well simply cuckoo his meme reply in your nest, AGB (and The Numbers God knows I look forward to reading it).

I am mad for the sprouts right now. I blanch them then saute them in olive oil with a bit of garlic and plenty of salt and pepper.

None of the 3 girls in the place will touch them so I get the whole pan to myself.

and Carlton?! You think you know someone....

Even I have closeted skeletons, A and B. Even I.

The sprouts, by the way, had this magnificent peppery flavour to savour. They made for the best Bain-Marie lemon chicken and vegetables in Christendom.

I can't pick up this thingo. It would mean acknowledging that I read this blog.

Yeah, P Drano tagged me for this as well, so I'd better get around to doing it soon.

Number 5 - WHY? IN GOD'S NAME, WHY?

Me? Sorry my parents read my blog, so I couldn't tell you anything interesting.

>7. I always watch the television with the volume on an even number.<

Now that's obsessive!

F: You've got to come out some day.

T: Admitting you hate brussel sprouts probably disqualifies you from the meme.

A: Don't you think it's time you confessed to your parents your destructive addiction to England Dan & John Ford Coley?

E: It is? I thought most everyone did it.

Tabasco is one underrated sauce. Goes with meat, chicken, seafood (even oysters). Very versatile.

Things I haven't confessed to parents:
-- tattoo
-- political party membership
-- Claude King box set ownership

Amanda you fool! they will find this comment of yours.
Google has BlogComment search.
it rooned me (well, my previous persona).
good luck though.

Maybe I want to be caught. Maybe its a cry for help.

Well, that's a nice fit then, because when I read Annie-O's comment I wondered if there was some way we could direct your folks here.

Not that I'm a dobber, or anything, far from it. I was thinking more along the lines of black woolly grazers and happy reunions. It would be a heartwarming story, too, and in the words of Jack Nicholson from Ride in the Whirlwind, we could "put a toon to it"; probably by Steve Forbert.

PS: While Tobasco is an absolute must on oysters, it staggers me that our cafes, or wherever the Weekend Glossy Mag people go out to have breakfast* these days, don't automatically supply the King of Condiments for eggs.

* Just stay at home, you swine.

Are there any AGB tattoos Tone ?

Don't you just bet
Flop Mule's Tatt is of Hank Williams!

*goes off singing Lovesick Blues*

not only that, but also ...
Please tell
how on earth did you actuallydiscover the heavenly Airport West asian sprouts-meister

Well after knowing TT for almost 30 years I must confess to only knowing 2 of those 8 factoids about him...

Still I guess a 25% strike rate isn't that bad as we don't see each other as much these days except for trivia (ever since he stopped the booze you see...).

But my question is - does he still have the pink gown??

P.S. I have worn odd socks every day for about 20 years.

Oh I almost forgot...

I also have a liking for brussel sprouts, that much-maligned earl of vegetables (it's not really up there enough to be a "prince") that really gets a lot of unwarranted bad press I think.

One exception though... my housemate made a curry the other night and, due to a vegie shortage at our local super, she put sprouts in it to beef up the vegie quotient...

The curry was nice but the sprouts didn't really work... they should stick to being a nice, strong-tasting side-vegetable.

A: No tattoos here. But putting one and one and one together, I arrived at the conclusion that Amanda's tattoo was of Claude King brandishing a red guitar.

G: I got rid of the pink gown. It was a bugger to accessorize.

Oh all right, I’ll consume some of Tony’s bandwidth even though I don’t see this as a particularly memeingful exercise.

1. I can pick up 5 tennis balls in one hand. No I don’t have big hands, it’s a trick based on how you place your fingers – as the Actress said to the Bishop.

2. I used to know Syd Barrett’s bank manager. “He was a very nice bloke, very popular with the tellers but he seemed to have no idea of just how much money he really had, just sitting there in a savings account earning bugger all interest. And it was a bloody lot.”

3. I fully agree with Tony that a splash of Tabasco (or Worcestershire sauce) here and there can improve many things, including food. One of the reasons I find France such a civilised place is that when you order an tomato juice or Bloody Mary there, they bring you all the fixings seperately so you can add the Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and/or celery salt to your personal taste.

4. I’m very distantly related to that pushy Norfolk agribusiness magnate and great champion of Irish home rule, Oliver Cromwell.

5. I’ll eat pretty much anything unless there are shreds of coriander in it. Just can’t stand the taste of raw or barely processed coriander.

6. I still have, and like to reread now and again while making up sound effects as I go along, some of my favourite childhood books, including a decent selection of RL Stevenson, Captain WE Johns, PC Wren and Alexander Dumas, père.

7. I've only watched The Exorcist all the way through once. Not because I couldn't but because I've always had pressing engagements elsewhere.

8. My favourite word is “decisive”…I think. Or maybe it’s “doppelganger”? Hmm, in two minds about that one. No, no, wait a minute, hold on, just a mo, I think I’ve got it now, my favourite word is “instantly”. No, that’s not right, either. How about “compromise”? I think I’ll settle for that one.

9. There are only eight interesting things about me worth listing.

10. I'm seriously thinking of taking up golf again.

11. The last two points were completely gratitious and completely against this spirit of this exercise.

12. As is this point.

Nabs, it really would be noice if you had a blog all the same. How does one make sound effects for PC Wren novels anyway - I assume we're mainly talking whiff of grapeshot stuff.

And Tony - what about kettles then?

Kettles included, Gen, especially the ones with a small hole in the top like stove top kettles. (The ones you plonk the whistle on.) They are particularly aggravating glug-wise.

Let's hope that doesn't include the horrifically expensive Russell Hobbs models.
I am sorry, I neglected to share my great affection for brussel sprouts as well (what drew me to the list in the first place - Nabs is the great distractor). Did you happen to ask for a recipe at any point?

I'm not sure it was a recipe issue. They were cut in half and stir-fried with the other vegies - green trees, snow peas, little corns, etc - and served in the standard fashion.

It's just that they were so damn natural - but peppery.

Not sure about asking her either, since our only common language was point, smile & money.

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