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AGB was down for around four hours this morning?

Servers you right.

I always wondered about that saying, but now I know - Jack Robinson was head of the Victoria police in the 1920's ... dunno if he played cricket though.

and in the latest news to hand:

Jacques "Frenchy" Chester has just goosed Tony "Toorak" Tones AGB on the server/uptime/999/reliability/we're so popular/i'm doing it without a group of posters/ issue.

Further news as it comes to hand or not server error/ php error / please return later/ refresh your browser/ 712*&^%$$##[email protected]!

We had 500 errors on Monday for a few hours - logs showed that load average soared over 50-something (ie it went kerput).

Hopefully this comment doesn't depress your webserver ;)

Another fine season of Mozz ahoy there, Tony?

W: Pout. I didn't deserver that.

AO: Dunno about cricket, but he might have caught Squizzy Taylor.

FX: Spot on.

JC: Coincidentally, I marked a test on Monday that had 500 errors, too, and it was only out of 100.

SW: Just trying to clear the mozzy ballast before a summer without Warne & McGrath.

Warne and McGrath will be having an Indian summer, by the sound of things. I think the $2 million is small bikkies to Warney - he just wants to make sure that MacGill is number 2 for his whole career.

Be interesting if they knew of this Indian escapade BEFORE they retired.

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