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Sometime this week I'll get around to the, err, unwanted guests, too. Those little turds have been busy here, haven't they.

And what's up with Sitemeter? I've had no hits since Friday, which is a little less than usual.

See: you turn your back for just one week and look what happens!
I know I've popped in a couple of times (hey I'm sitting at this frakking PC studying for exams all day anyway...), so maybe your sitemeter took the week off too?
I was a teacher until I went back to uni, so of course I blogged. My current degree has me too busy to blog now, so I just haunt yours. Maybe the working classes just don't care enough to blog? (BTW - tongue firmly in cheek).

You gots to learn to multi-task ;)

Re Site meter. Lohan surge? I happened to see this curious post on their blog last Wednesday- but it has since disappeared.

There's nothing unwanted about those guests. With no new posts around here at least I could follow the little sods around and (re)discover some posts from the glorious days of yore!

I thought Jackson was the best, especially his "Good job, here and there!!!". He even got into the theme of things with a bit of German god bless him.

Blogging and work definitely do not mix. I come here to procrastinate which is what I am employed to do.

Many Public 'Servants', runners, cyclists, and Nurses blog; many MANY lawyers blog ... but I did love your definition of Proper Jobs.
For decades I was very close to a professional musician whose mother was still asking him even in his 6th decade "when are you going to get a proper job" ?

If it is the time that blogging takes, that is mystifying you, may I also mention that many Ph.D writers manager to fit blogging in, and that amazes ME.
One of my links (That's So Pants) is writing a book as well as blogging - beats me how they do it; and of course you are familiar with the UK 2005 No 1 blog of Norm Geras - he seems to be addressing European Economics Conferences as well as blogging about Best Beatle Songs (easier to list the 5 WORST there, but that's another story).

Did you really blank The Grid ? what a thrill.
The power goes out (briefly) quite a bit up here on Mt.Dandenong.

Can't be too hard, even Warney managed to set up a blog in between birds and bevvies.

Though I'm not sure if he ever got a post out.

Of COURSE it is only public servants who blog
This is a well known FACT
Look at the traffic between 9 and 5 compared to after hours and weekends
They are so bored out of their brains, they have to do something
I hope this is not too contraversial

Watch out chrisl, they'll set the Feds on you.

Hmmm, blogging does appear to be a white collar preserve, doesn't it? Blogging opportunity knocks when you sit at a desk with a web-connected computer, after all. Don't know if the 9-5 thing stacks up. Your site meter traffic should at least have included me. Lamenting the lack of hits sounded a little like Norman Gunston in '74 lambasting viewers for watching the Six Million Dollar Man. It's no good going crook at the public! So blog for the masses with a Big Brother post. You know it makes sense.

Ever wondered why Public "Servants" have their blinds down all morning? So they can put them up at lunch and have something to do for the afternoon.

You beauty Pat. Public service jokes. My favorite topic.
How does a public servant wink?
Why do public servants make the best lovers?

Note: Any offence is purely intentional.

Research shows most bloggers use a computer and can type(after a fashion).

File under: d:/data/research/grants/blogs/No Prizes For Stating The Obvious

clever comments bot stops one from saying letter after words.

It's a damned sight easier to have a job and blog than it is to have children and blog, I'll give you the tip.

Unless you blog about your children.

And don't we all know how frightfully interesting it is when bloggers blog about the kids.


Are you sure that is supposed to be "wink", chrisl?

Yer right about kids, Tone - I like Lileks, 'cept when he's banging on about Gnat. Got a load of my own kids, thanks - cuteness about others is superfluous.

Yes wink : He opens one eye!

Either way, just how does a public servant do it?

Sure, Lileks can write. Very well. But by encouraging people to kid-blog, he's got a lot to answer for.

Oh. I get it.


Public servants make the best lovers because..... they are never tired and they have always read the paper*

* modern update* - read all the blogs

Seriously for a moment - cabbies blog, cops blog, magistrates blog, ambos blog, and a road mender called dodderyoldfart, until a few weeks ago.

A new Minister being introduced to his Department.
"So how many people work here?"
"Oh, on a good day Minister, close to 50%."

Serious is not a word I'm familiar with.

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