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Doesn't look like anyone's getting the job done.

It reminds me of the days when Ian Robertson commentated for Channel 7. Every goal (it seemed) was greeted with the phrase "This'll bring the house down". What house? Nothing ever fell down.

When Seven won back the rights for the footy it was my great fear that Robbo would return from purgatory to torment us. And, for that matter, Terry Wheeler, Sandy, Ross Glendenning, Neil Curley, and co.

There was the threat they would try to recapture past "glories" but so far so, well, if not exactly good, then reasonable. This, despite Ox not actually knowing anything about the caper and only being entertaining in a misscheevious class clown kind of way, Tim thinking he knows more about the caper than he does and Bruce recently struggling to hush the gush.

Dennis is still grouse and happily not wise-cracking as much as he ended up doing at Noin.

There is a slight derivation to "getting the job done" which the Yank sportscasters love to death.

"Getting it done".

It's always in the present tense too. For example when talking about some contest that happened earlier in the day: "Derek Jeter and the Yankees getting it done against the Red Sox today ... etc. etc."

Watch Sportscenter on ESPN and you'll hear it a dozen times per half hour.

(Apologies to any Red Sox fans for the above example too. Yankees suck.)

Don't worry Tony, after the election, when the ACTU win, no-one will be getting the job done.

Gaz, I don't mind that the Yanks say it, although Sportcenter goes over the top in pretty much everything they do, 'cos that's the kind of thing they say. Even here, Steve Carfino sounds perfectly normal when he says "Bradke get's it/the job" done". What gets up my bugle is when Aussie commentators copy them because they think it/they sound cool. (As a Sox fan: apology accepted.)

Nick, the most "enjoyable" thing about the ACTU winning the election, sorry, the'lection, will be watching Kruddler and Bluey explain why they aren't, afterall, going to abolish AWAs.

The sepps have some sort of redneck stereotype comedian whose signature phrase is "Get 'er done."
Funny as a toothache. Is this who the commenters think is hip and groovy?

Tony, is it a Red Sox/Red socks thing?

Dirk: It's virtually impossible to believe the phrase "redneck stereotype comedian" wouldn't conjure up notions of wild hilarity. Or not.

Gaz: Most definitely. Norwood, too.

I love when you get angry Tony, this one's extra special, cause I've got no idea what you're angry about. Never heard the phrase myself.

Sounds like it's from the "step up to the plate" school of malappropriated sports commentary transfer however. That's the one that burns me up.

Hipster, black trouser wearing, hair greased, don't get me started...

And don't I get angry about the big issues.

Correct on plate stepping, VC, although that one is nowehere near as aggravating as one involving horizontal propulsion of spotted cubes.

In the early 90s, commentators in various codes picked up the American broadcasting pronunciation of "quarter", which is pronounced in an irritating fashion "korter" (without the "w" sound). Thus, korterback (quarterback), third korter (third quarter) etc. Thankfully this affectation has disappeared -- kite kickly, in retrospect.

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