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You should audition for the next series of Grumpy Old Men.

Agreed. What is it with these guys who are unable to comb their hair, and who wear silly shoes that look like bad soccer boots without sprigs?

Nice blog action, Tony.

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

Nothing wrong with the Pixies though...

I can't stand blokes who think that everyone else is interested in see their jocks. For crystsake, PULL YOUR BLOODY PANTS UP!

Hmmm, by wearing your tee shirt outside your "windcheater" is that the same as not tucking your tee shirt in under your jumper so that the bottom of it is exposed? Cause I do that.

(By the way, "windcheater" is a bit suss. Sounds like your, um, cheating the wind. "What 'd you do last night?" "I was bored and feeling reckless. Put a jumper on. Went out in a gale and cheated the wind for a few hours." - oooh how cavalier and daring.)

I also like the Pixies. I'd like to go out for breakfast but I can't afford it. Never heard of Noodlebox but that sounds pretty cool. I used to add "action" on to things. I shave as little as possible. Is there something wrong with me? I'm worried.

In relation to the use of "shite" which I concur is wrong (one of your previous posts) is it deemed ok to say "shouse" - as in "shit house"? Cause I do that as well.

Gaz: See here.

Prof: Those runner/footyboot disgraces are very much the in-thing here at school.

Hung: Grassy-arse action.

Wicky: A pity - I remember when it was worth remembering.

Mark: They're OK, but they're nowhere near as good as said hipsters, name-dropping a so-called cool band, would have us believe.

Ant: We had that undie problem here as well as the shoe issues (isshoes). But once I'd said to an offender "what's with the pink boxers half way up your back?" the problem went away.

Pat: That's tee-shirt OVER the windcheater, on top of, not hanging out from under the bottom. (See here.) Windcheaters are what us civilized Victorians call a sloppy-joe. Substitute Noodlebox for you nearest faddy fastfood joint; just don't forget to call it by name. And shouse is grouse.

jeez - you sound like me.

And you forgot to add those poo catcher black jeans tight on the legs but loose under crutch like a full and wet nappy. But thats a younger age group.

Tony, you may have missed the boat on this but you never know, maybe better late than never to get your blog linked.

Apparently it is okay to chuck but not okay to have a squash ball in your glove according to some. At least the chucker himself is staying stumm in his glass house on this one.

Funny you should mention that, Pat.

How about the young girls who wear three, four or five singlet tops -- at once.

OMG, I know these people! I don't hate them, but I can't stand them.

When Ken Parish did a survey for "best singles since 1980" or whatever, I think the pixies claimed 6 of the top 10 spots.

Memories. Here's Ken's poll, and my response to its silliousness.

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