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Number 1 every time: I am the Walrus

2 Cry Baby Cry
3 I'm so Tired
4 Norwegian Wood
5 Come Together

But really it's far too hard to limit yourself to just 5. The medley from Abbey Road for instance can't be split. From your list You've Got to Hide Your Love Away and I'm Only Sleeping were favourites in my younger days.

Rain (great youtube video clip)
Doctor Robert
Lady Madonna
Nowhere Man
Ticket To Ride
Yer Blues count as a Beatles song?

Yer Blues is on yer White.

I'm sure this is a re-hash for Geras, but it's a good one.
For those of us with The Magic Age, every Beatles song was the best one at the time.
Paperback Writer and Norwegian Wood work for me.
Next thriller off the Lennon rank - Day In The Life, is about Lennon's POSH mate The Hon.Tara Browne who died when he crashed his Lotus Elan car into PARKED cars when he was 21 years old, and I have always thought the end of the song was musical onomatopeia (sp?).
Who wrote a song about Lennon's death ?

It's a cliche, but Yesterday would probably be in there. My knowledge of Beatle's songs is limited, but:

Magical Mystery Tour
I Am The Walrus
Lucy in the Sky (for sheer weirdness, if nothing else.)

Brownie, I had to look up the spelling for onomatopoeia, but if its true to its word it should mean 'on a mat or pier'.

Pat & Tim, coincidently (or perhaps not, on second thought) I listened to IATW on the way into work today.

I Will
Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except for me and my Monkey)
Twist And Shout
She's Leaving Home
I'm Looking Through You

Anyone for Revolution No 9 ?

For me, nothing can quite beat the Beatles' LSD years.

Don't do drugs, kids, unless you're a group of groundbreaking musical artists and even then only do it in moderation.

The Walrus is Simon.

"For No-one"

Nothing else comes close (apart from almost every other song on "Revolver").

Worst 5 Beatles songs:

1) She's Leaving Home
2) Wild Honey Pie
3) Revolution 9
4) Within You Without You
5) Piggies

I just read through the lyrics, John, and you might just have prompted me to revise my list.

Pat, WYWY is filler. For me, anyway. Surely they had something better to slap onto Sgt Peppers than that piece of indulgence. I like She's Leaving Home.

White works much better as the sum of its individual parts.

I like the tune for She's Leaving Home but the sentiment of the lyrics gets right up my nose. The girl really annoys me, always has, she's so aggravating. All she needed was love - gag barf ralph spew.

The great thing about the Beatles is that they had so many great songs that here we have half a dozen lists with nary a song in common.

The first time I heard "Rain" in my early twenties, I couldn't believe that such a great song was probably number 50 on a radio station's Beatles playlist.

Of course we can all pretty much agree on the losers - I agree with 4 of your's Pat. But I don't what it is about SLH - that final cello stroke (?) always brings a tear to my eye.

For a fifth - Across the Universe, I've Got A Feeling ? Some dross from Let It Be anyway.

True. But it is a pop song.

All she need is love.

Umm ... that previous comment was to Pat.

Simon, I'll take I've Got a Feeling, but you can keep Across The Universe.

I think She's Leaving Home was about the first music fillum clip I ever saw.


I bet it was a real tearjerker too.

I wondered whatever happened to that girl. Drugs, prostitution ? God I hope she made it through.

Tomorrow (Friday) she has her farewell party from the Department of Roads in Dorking. 35 years wonderful service.

She's Leaving Work.

I hope she gets run over.

And as a leaving gift the office chips in and buys her a copy of "Let It Be - Naked", and so the wheel turns.

Worst? "Octopus's Garden" - in fact anything sung by Ringo (apart from "With a Little Help From My Friends"). Why was he there anyway?

Top 5 McCartney Beatles songs:

1) Oh Darling
2) Drive My Car
3) Blackbird
4) She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
5) Lady Madonna or I'm Looking through You or Eight Days a Week

John, Ringo's drumming is steadily excellent. He also came up with the titles "Hard Days Night", "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Eight Days a Week".

Nay, Pat. I don't reckon being able to come up with titles is enough for him to be forgiven for his singing. Ringo's drumming is steadily steady - and no better or no worse than ANY drummer of the 1960s. (OK, with the possible exception of Dave Clark.) (What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A drummer.)

Ok. Other reasons: he is/was way cool, the best dressed Beatle, and has a big nose.

"he has a big nose". Good point, Pat. (/me retires defeated)

I've always had a soft spot for:

Love Me Do
If I Fell
Fool On The Hill

In no particular order:

Eight Days a Week
Penny Lane
Day Tripper
I'm Only Sleeping
Getting Better
Little Child - 1:47!!! In fact bugger all of them clock in at over 3:00, even the overblown numbers barely make 4:00.

And for a Beatles song with no Beatles playing I recommend this performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps at George Harrison's posthumous induction into the R&R Hall of Fame.


Utterly overblown - but I love it.

Every single song on the album "Help". A Classic.

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