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how about this one: "Bill Lawry's Hanky"

Good banner last summer: 'My Girlfriend's in Favour of the Rotation Policy' here in Rannsylvania when they rested Punter.
Clarke genuinely looked to have just gone completely mentally blank. That's the only reason I can suggest.
And how on Earth can we gauge our strength when no-one we've played (who mattered) has bothered to take the tournament at all seriously so far? It'll be a bloody lottery. Yesterday was sort of like a reverse Chadlee - but this time, they refused to field a team. Mind you, the Kiwi's would have to be hurting a bit.

Bucknor and Aleem Dar, from Pakistan, will be officiating in the second semi-final between South Africa and Australia in St Lucia on Wednesday. The corresponding list for the second semi-final reads: Billy Bowden (New Zealand) as TV umpire, Mark Benson (England) the fourth umpire, and Jeff Crowe (New Zealand) as the match referee.

Bucknor, Dar, Bowden, South Africa, unbeaten run, we're fucked.

Looks like Tony T was correct (Posted by Tony.T on April 12, 2007 at 11:55) as the malingerer is back on the track for the semi

What do you think of the "Sorry Mum, we lost Dad" series during the final? Made me chuckle

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