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wish I could comment
(being the lifelong owner of a ukelele),
but Thin White Uke left me speechless

Aside from the fact you seemed to have sneaked a webcam into my place to generate some of the footage, I have to generally endorse that motion picture short as an excellent snapshot of a 40something bloke who's given up trying to be a dude and has just settled for being a comfortable and relaxed gentleman dag instead.

Judging by the last shot, the chicks get it too. But don't they always in film clips anyway?

That's an outrageous intrusion on Nabs privacy.

Tones - you should take the clip down.

It's true. There was only one person I thought of when first watching that clip, and it wasn't Peter Jansen.

The Poor Man's Peter Jansen.

smirk, guffaw, snicker, coff,

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