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Not bad, Tony. Not bad.

Ed, 2000 seems a lot, but I was just wondering what, exactly, constitutes a large number of posts.

God, get a life.

Well done.

Now can you block the buggers altogether?

Amanda: That's crossed my mind more than once.

FX: Block what buggers?

Call any vegetable ...

and the vegetables will respond to you.

So what's your average then? Tests, not ODI crap....Assume the square root of the comments multiplied by the number of posts, as a percentage? Or is that your strike rate. People we need to know!!! Dees odd year, nuff said.

And we've told you 20,000 times. You're just not listening.

And I've told you ... I'll tell you once - get on Melbourne for the spoon.

That's easy to say while Demons are 16th, Tony.

Rnd 3 - Bumpkins, MCG (Not a fuckin' chance.)
Rnd 4 - Wanchors, MCG (Both sides 0-3, Freo living certainties.)
Rnd 5 - Pinks, SCG depending on the lights. (We own 'em in Sydney, but not this year.)
Rnd 6 - Paps, MCG (We own 'em in Melbourne, but not this year.)
Rnd 7 - Scray, Telsta (A Scott West 128 touch massacre.)
Rnd 8 - Illeagles, Subi (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, pass the ice.)
Rnd 9 - Norf, MCG (Kangas on the board for 2007.)
Rnd 10 - Cows, AAMI (Another Adelaide Melbourne Imbarrassment)

See. 0-10.

tones you've managed to make the blog unintelligible unintelagble unentell incomperehensable incromperehens well so the poms can't read it. Next move. Block 'em.

Does this mean we've all been blacklisted?

Melbourne 2007

Strike. Unstrike.

Tony, I'll bet you $10, payable next time I'm in Melbourne, that you guys won't be 0-10. You'll get at least a draw, and might even scab a win.

Oooooo, if only we could scab a win. Good times.


Awesome! Keep rollin' on...

Thanks, duudes.

I s'pose it's just possible that you actually are a blogging teacher after all, and not a CIA funded attempt to attract some rather unsavoury characters a la "The Parallax View".

Coincidentally, Woody, I just sent you the quesionaire. It will arrive via a bloke who never speaks, dressed up as a sandwich delivery man.

Don't tell anyone.

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