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The ABC is not providing ANY coverage of the Netherlands game. For shame!

I get to work at 5am and have Fox on a TV on my desk so I was happy but this morning they only had Kenya v Canada, engrossing as it was. The Aussie matches must be on a super secret channel I don't get. ;-(

Wonder why they would broadcast the Scootland game, and not the Dutch one.

The Aussie match was on Fox Sports ... umm ... I'll just look in the guide ... BUGGER! ... it only works with Flash and my computer here can't run that.

It was on Fox Sports 1, 2 or 3. Trust that helps.

Gilchrist and Hayden batted adequately against a limited attack. Good fielding by the Scots would have had the top three bats in the shed for a combined 100 or so. Clarke didn't really trouble the scorers, and Hodge missed out on ANOTHER chance to get a 100. SuperHusseys poor run continued - and his average might drop below 50 in this tournament. Tait aprayed it, McGrath took advantage of the minnows, Hodge's bowling will be dangerous later in the tournament (to sightscreens, advertising hoardings, people in the crowd...), and Bracken didn't do much. I was disappointed that Tait didn't break a few jaws. The real assessment of this performance will be after the Yarpies play them. They may make 500 and bowl them out for 50. March 24th (mostly the 25th in the civilised world) will be a game to watch.

ps: Sunny, please come to the pub for some education.

Because both the Scots and the Windians say "mon" punmanship ends up confused. Disappointing, that. I mean, how many of you would have got it if I'd headed the post OCH, MON!? Hmmm.


FoxSports 1 - Kenya vs Canada
FoxSports 2 - World Championship of...darts, then the LPGA (quite attractive young ladies)
FoxSports 3 - Australia vs Scotland

Puts everything into perspective.

Nick, who's the they and them of "They may make 500 and bowl them out for 50."? Not that it strictly matters, it could well work both ways, but I'm a stickler.

I'd like to say playing the minnows is a waste of time, but this time around it's giving us a chance to get our shit together. Well, a little bit more together than it's been, given I've still got massive doubts about our ability to restrict a reasonable batting line-up.

What the hell's going on with the comment counter? 10? There's only 6.

and what's this on the previous post?

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Have you had a ghost writer all this time tone?

i feel deceived, and kind of dirty, but I'm liking it.

Sadly there's no sleaze or surrepticiousness. Nabakov's been doing fillum reviews here now since 2005.

maybe i've lost the plot

I meant the Yarpies but if poor grammar and outrageous fortune coincide in Scotland's favour, I'll be very happy!

Is little Steve's last name Randell?

Nasty, but nice.

Play the games in Japan. No interest but a cracker of a timezone.

Play the games in Australia, where they belong. of COURSE the cricket world revolves around us.

One tartan swallow does not a summer make...

Well Ireland v Zimbots is going DOWN. TO. THE. WIRE.

I saw a good chunk of the Ireland v Zimbabwe game this morning. Ireland have chucked it, they should have won this in a center. Actually, they are an alright side except for their fielding, which is atrocious. It took 4 genuine nicks before they picked up Duffin - that he only made 12 doesn't say much for his batting. Matsikenyeri should have been runout for nought, and a half dozen other times. Oh well, makes things more interesting.

Heh. A bunch of clowns, but entertaining.

Interviewer Ian Bishop to Ireland's Andre Botha: Wow, your first World Cup. You couldn't have hoped for a better start!

Um, they could have actually won?

I'm putting $10 on Ireland to beat The Netherlands in the final.

Easiest million I ever made.

Oddly enough, a tie probably suits both sides as well as a win. They are both still a chance to beat Pakistan to progress to the over-long over-kill of the Super-8s. It is the nice thing about having a football style group stage. The games aren't near as meaningless as fools like Lawrence Booth think - still trying to pretend that Kenya's progression to the semis last time round was the result of poor English management, and not their victories over Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Anyone interested in betting might look at the 16/1 bookies are offering on most major teams being knocked out in the elimination stage. Kenya and Bangladesh are better than that.

Pity I didn't see the match. Ties in the World Cup warm the cockles. Were there any Daffy Donald Duck style shenanigans?

Oh my, the dolly feels just like a real baby.

Who wants a real baby (especially one in cricket colours)?

Yes Tony, the final two runouts were evocative of the spirit of 99

Have the 2003 Semi Finalists, Kenya played yet? Looking to go one better.

With any luck they would beat Sorth Efrica in the semi because Smuth ballsed up the DuckyLoo calculations.

It would be only fair that the next world cup be in Zimbabwe.

Looks just like BindiIrwin, fields like a real baby - so whose progeny is the repulsive tyke ?

Go the oirish!! Looks like a few pints of guinness have done em a world of good - I imagine there will be much more consumed if they manage to pick up 133 to win.

This little gem from Cricinfo:
Pakistan have been dismissed for 132. Extras top scored with 29, Akmal the 'real' highest scorer with just 27.

Pakistan going home, India flogged by Bangladesh - Sunny, Shoaib - well done.

Dang, if only I could have been bothered actually laying those bets... had to happen though, and it's great it did. Now if only Kenya could beat England.

Oops, Apologies for my stray tag.

Sigh. Tony, why does your site keep deleting italic close tags?

I'm all for the qualifiers in the World Cup but I think this proves that only the cream of the 2nd tier nations should be in the tournament. The top three at best.

Maybe Pakistan should be forced to qualify next time?

I don't agree Adam. If you look at the history of associate teams at the World Cup - Kenya is a good example - they are a mismatch of absolute thrashings, followed by good performances (and the odd win).

The important factor is whether a game has any meaning. The problem in the past (and in the Super-8s to come) is that a loss to a minnow hasn't ever hurt a team much. Pakistan in '99 and England in '92 both made the final. The Super-8 will only be super in it's tediousness with Ireland and Bangladesh there. They won't have the consistency to go on. Four team groups and knockouts are the way to go. Football - Champions League experiments aside - has known this for years.

Been having a Bad HTML Day, Russ?

Awful. But on the plus side today, I found this site of cricket videos. The saddest thing about Pakistan is they were probably lucky that it was so close. Awful cricket.

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