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You might be a swine, but I never noticed you being burnt out, disillusioned (you can't be disillusioned if you didn't have any illusions in the first place) or diminished.

But education vouchers would solve all that. magically. see catallaxy.

Yes, reality is often hard to take, especially the reality contained in movies. In reality, Tom Cruise is actually a human being.

There you are; I've been looking for you everywhere.


Wicky: I'm unllusioned.

FX: I'll take luncheon vouchers please.

So Tony What do you think of the "forgotten man" of Australian cricket Andrew Mc Donald ?
Bats, bowls and doesn't dye his hair. How does he compare to that NSW all rounder whose name I have forgotten?

And while we are off topic, have you ever heard anybody except for that idiot Channel 10 weatherman refer to to Melbourne as "The city by the bay"? And as somebody who grew up in the shadows of Mt Dandenong I have NEVER heard it referred to as Mt D . GRRRRR
rant not over

Never trust a hippy or a teacher.

The city by the bay. The city that rocks. That city that NEVER stops. Kennett built this city...

Never trust a hippy teacher. That's a rule to live by, that one.

I know this will be very difficult under the current climate, but I challenge the various commentators on this blog NOT to let every post end up being a debate about someone's cricketing credentials or lack thereof, at least once in the coming weeks. Tony, do you think it can be done? Has it EVER been done?

Tony, who do you fancy for the World Cup ?

To follow up on Carrot's suggestion, I'd like to comment on Collette Dinnigan's return to the Paris runways. It's being touted as a triumph but I'm a tad skeptical. Overall her latest collection strikes one as derivative of Flashdance meets Christiane F.. Leg warmers are still leg warmers even if they are made from ivory wool and the skirt has a scalloped hemline.

Thoughts anyone?

But can Collette play? I have to question her credentials in that area.

Chris: Can't let S'Syddey hog all the brine. We should be called "The Baybour City".

Woody & CB: Hippy teachers might just work if there is a cancelling out factor.

Carrot: Never! McDonald is a VERY talented cricketer. We cricket therefore we are. Dunno who said that. Gideon Haigh probably, in a rare moment when he couldn't think of five five-syllable words.

Adrian: I haven't given it too much thought. Cough. Cough. I'm too wrapped up in these exciting pre-tournament practic ematches.

Pat & 13: Compromises abound. Collette can design next summer's one-day uniform. With any luck she will base it on the WSC Windies Pink with a Kiwi Brown.

Salmon and Chocolate Tony, not pink and brown you neanderthal.

Personally, I'd like to see capes make a return. Imagine Tait coming in from a long run up with a cape flying and fluttering behind. Or Punter taking a flying leaping catch at point cape aloft. We'd be the embodiment of Nietzche's "Superman", standing astride world cricket.

A scalloped hemline on the cape would be a nice finish too.

Fashionwise, you're quite the connoisseur.

Those who can\'t do, teach. Those who can\'t teach, blog. Those who can\'t blog, comment. Those who can\'t...ah fuckit, its POETS Day before a long weekend. See you all bright early Tuesday morning.

I don't know about scalloped hemlines. Personally, I'm counting the days till my Vivienne Westwood swastika epaulettes are all the rage again. They can't be anymore offensive than watching malnourished teenagers chase a piece of lettuce down a Paris runway.

Whoah! Vivienne Westwood swastika epaulettes - Die ist die Bombe!

What would get Oz out of their rut would be to see Punter doing a pitch inspection wearing Allanah Hill floral jodhpurs, knee length Italian leather riding boots, black Egyptian cotton full sleeved shirt finished with deaths head cuff links and brandishing a bloodied riding crop.

If he were to arrive at the ground in a Russian T-34 I'm positive he would prove inspirational. Magnifique!

It would have the added advantage of making the opposition think they were dealing with some sort of bastard son of David Gower. They would then bowl it just outside of off waiting for the knick that was his "father's" downfall, and he would pull his way to a 50 ball ton!

That Buchanan hasn't thought of this ploy just shows his retirement can't come soon enough for all true lovers of Aussie cricket.

Cricketers and frocksters all had their first instruction from those defeated diminished teachers.
The last time my old school was in the news it was a sex-change teacher; and talk at the recent reunion was about catching the headmaster and headmistress in the school carpark at 1am.
I was in a HS staffRoom once and it was just like the staffroom scene in Notes On A Scandal.

There isn't enough money to lure ME into keeping 30 brats quiet and attentive for an entire lesson, and don't get me started on the stories: a female teacher I know was umpiring sport and bashed by a (sshhh: muslim) boy when she called him Out.

Let teachers have whatever gets them through the term.

As any fule kno, Headmaster Grimes (aka Old Stinker) is a monster of calous cruelty who fly into a bate at every opportunity.
Known to consort with desperate carakters on the staff e.g. sigismund the mad maths master.
They too hold him in fear.
If anyone can give him 6 months, the whole skool will cheer.

To The Curse of St Custards: "hello clouds, hello sky"

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