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Wot? No Fleshtones or Electric Prunes?

Look I know you think my taste in films is crap but you can trust me on these music recommendations. Honest
World of Twist - New Order with better tunes and without the passive-aggressive remorse. No longer. "creative differiences" etc.
Bobbie Gentry - much more to her than just "Billy Joe" - a female Tony Joe White with a better voice.
Black Cab - local lads whose "Altamont Diary" makes Primal Scream sound like a bunch of pussy pommy poseurs when it comes mood and time evocation.
ABC - seriously. Recently picked the first album up again off iTunes and the stuff still holds up v. well as stylish ironic pop opera with killer string stings.
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - the missing sonic link between Russ Meyer and Harold Robbins.
Arthur Brown - as in "crazy world". His last album was a rock opera about vampires. The concept was crap but there's some pretty damn entertaining raveouts on it.
The Divine Comedy - v. precious English sarcastic cult pop redeemed by some killer melodies and bloody funny lyrics.
'The Sting' by Robby Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar - one of the alltime great riddim sections just having some fun. Their cover of 'Peter Gunn' is superb cruising music, mon.
'Loose Screw' - the Pretenders' last album is rather good. There's a definite late seventies/early eighties weary but charming Rolling Stones vibe, Chrissie's voice has aged very well and some killer tracks, not least a suave amd moody cover of 'I Wish You Love'.
'(We Got) All Lined Up' - Shriekback. Only after listening to it a dozen times, I realised they weren't actually singing "We've got a whore lined up." This is not a recommendation, just a funny anecdote. Shared a stage with 'em once. Nice people.
'Persuasion' by Throbbing Gristle - I'm hard pressed to think of a more genuinely evil and creepy piece of modern music.

Speaking of such, apparently David Fincher's new flick 'Zodiac' is not only is fantastic in its own right, but it also has a killer soundtrack album as well. The trailer, which peeks into the grimy confused world of 70s San Fransico as a real-life game-playing serial killer stalks the seedy aftermath of the 60s, beautifully uses the intro to a song of the time, Rod Stewart's '(I Know) I'm Losing You.'

Also this John Cale guy I'm listening to right now ain't too shabby for a taffy.
"Say fear's a man's best friend
You add it up it brings you down"

As it happens I have TWO vinyl copies of ABC's first. Make of that what you will.

...I've seen every film you've been in,
Gee when ya kissed Robert Mitchum ...
but you're over the hill right now
and lookin fer lerve.

what a great year that was for music.
Van The Man
and After The Goldrush.
Fire & Rain
We got our copies by mail from Sam Goodys in NY.
Calculus looks pretty damn interesting to me too, since I haven't sighted any since 1965, but I'm sorry to hear you have blogger ennui. It's the vile weather.

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