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Body Snatchers had its world premiere last May in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival, where the outspoken Ferrara did not endear himself by claiming that Jane Campion's "The Piano" was such a favorite "the jury gave her the award when she got off the plane." Certainly "Body Snatchers" is not the kind of movie that wins festivals: It is a hard-boiled entry in a disreputable genre.

But as sheer moviemaking, it is skilled and knowing, and deserves the highest praaise you can give a horror film: It works.

Can I just add that the remake of The Italian Job isn't as dreadful as you'd imagine. It's not great, or anything, but it goes alright.

The '78 Snatchers remake with Donald Sutherland wasn't that shoddy either. One or two fine movie moments there, particularly when Brooke Adams spontaneously deflates in Sutherland's arms. Also the bit where a dog with a human face wanders through the crowd - mix-up at the pod shop.
Also there was that porn version, Invasion of the Booby Snatchers. But I didn't see that.

The 78 remake is an absolute belter. One of the true eerie movies.

Donald's moustache is eerie, too.

That 78 remake scared the absolute shit right out of me. That human faced dog, the ending, Leonard Neeeemoy doing great work. Helluva movie. It tends to get sniffed at by the cognisenti as not a patch on the original, but the can fuck right off. A true cult classic. Right up there with the original "The Wicker Man".

Saw the Wicker Man again recently and wasn't as into it as I was way back when. Still, it's probably better than its remake, which FX Holden mentioned the other day, and which I haven't seen. Nick Cage as the cop, supernatural effects, extra baggage, probably a shit new soundtrack made up of shit rock songs. May as well make a different film altogether. Nor is it Lord Summerisle anymore. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are women.)

Nabs - very fine review over at the teev post at Sarsaparilla. Didn't want to spoil the wrap by complimenting you there, though. Now it will be entombed in the Pandora archive, tied by the Gordian knot of the cumbersome NLA search engine for all time.

Entombed here, too, Genevieve. There's no escaping Pandora.

Oh, well done, Tony. Must be all these film reviews Nabs posts that got you a guernsey then. (No, I know the real reason is that you are holding the mirror up to Australian society, to borrow from Santo Cilauro some years ago.)

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