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Seven no trumps.

Not as bad as when you have a cracker of a hand and you're stupid PARTNER goes misere and you have to sit there like a goose and not play at all.

Misere. Just say no.

(Personally, I've never had the balls).

Yeah, it took me a long time to muster the courage to go misere, but sometimes you just get that run of low cards and can't resist. Then it just becomes part of your standard 500 arsenal, which to many at the table makes me a standard 500 arsehole.

Interestingly - or maybe not - just as I started reading these two comments someone at the tea table called misere.

so you get miserable when someone goes misere? who woulda thunk it.

it pissed me off because it became a "block" bid at our lunch time game. people would call it just to ruin a good seven call. spoiling tactics basically. Then people started calling eight to block the misere block.

I really hate it when you have a lay down misere and someone calls eight on the first bid and then brings out the "you can't go open if misere wasn't called first" rule.

500 is a good game except it turns normally nice pople into arseholes.

You wanna play with narky poms when someone calls the wrong card. You know, "six clubs" when they haven't got the ace; that kind of thing.


Did they win?

Also, what would a chap have to do to get you to go an Open Misere on him?

I just love a lay down misere.

Wimps and macho players hate it.

If there was a Cert 3 in Euchre or 500 I'd get it on RPL baby.

Tim: Open Misere is a very dodgy phrase. Every time I hear it I feel uneasy in the guts.

FX: Everyone plays/ed Euchre in Kalgoorlie, and I mean EVERYONE. You would go out to a bar or a barby or a piss up and next thing you know, four blokes sit down and start playing the bastard game. It's a disease. It's poor man's 500, too, and a crap game.

Of course, when I say it's a crap game I mean it's a crap game, not a crap game.

I love to play the Noey's only because it takes the bastard Jack out of the equation.

Misere is a heap of crap, I agree. Any game that awards crap play is... well, crap. For instance Carlton is a lay down misere to win the NAB Cup again, but I'd bet 10 noey's that they won't make the regular season finals.

I hope Carlton miss the finals. They'll go better this year than last, and they're certainly better placed in 2007 than 2005, but it would be a stretch for them to make up eight spots.

Still, I reckon they're on the right track. Despite some shit seasons, Pagan can coach. Just watching the Bloos on SatDee night reminded me of 1990s Norf. Soak up the pressure then hit 'em on the rebound.

Gibbs and Murphy look good, if a little slow, and Waite in working at CHB.

But, like I say, I hope they miss because I hate them. Another ten years on the bottom would be too good for them.

Euchre is a poor man's 500 is a poor man's Solo Whist is a poor man's Bridge is a ... buggered if I know...

Fair comment. I've never played Bridge, but I wish I had.

When I was living up in the north west we used to play a game called Don, which I really loved, but sadly I've not seen it played anywhere since.

500 bores me to death, the smart mans 500 is nominations, imho. Otherwise known as 'O sh*t o Fu*k'.
On the Carlton thing, I think I need to see the photo of the 2 boys from Wickham in the dingy on Sydney harbour...
Oh & another thing..Channel Eddie ain't shown any of the World Cup cricket, right? If so I'm just trying to work out why....
Given that most games are on from 1 or 2am thru to 9 or 10am I would have thought that Ch Ed would do anything for some AM ratings (up against the dynamic uber hosts, Mel & COCKIE). Or is Eddie just trans-fixed with the production 'no cost' appeal of QuizMania...
Thoughts TT & co...

Credit to girtbysea. Here's an idea for a fun contest. Maybe 2GB could run it? Fill in the blank.

..... is a good game except it turns normally nice people into arseholes.

i have seen a bloke go ten noies without the joker and then pick it up in the kitty. that's the problem, for all it's tactics, 500 can be reduced to a lottery.

Fred here's my entry:

Connect Four is a good game except it turns normally nice people into arseholes

Perhaps we need to find a game that turns people who are normally arseholes into nice people.

btw, what's any of this got to do with cricket. lets not be distracted.

Nubie: I know not every WC game is on Nine, but aren't the main games going to be on? I guess they reckon those freaks who host Today would rate better than the cricket, especially for the lesser games. I reckon Nine would show every game if they had precise control over the scheduling of matches.

Fred: I've been wracking the cells trying to think of ANY game that doesn't turn people into arseholes. Or maybe they were arseholes to start with and the game just dacked 'em to reveal their true nature.

Girt: I've seen a guy go ten noies without the joker and NOT pick it up in the kitty, then try to play out the hand. (I dunno Connect Four.)

The cricket is problematic hereabouts given (as Nubie mentioned above) it's on at stupid-for-us times. Hopefully I can do it even the littlest bit of justice, but I'm not sure.

What about ignoring the titanic struggles between Holland and Scotland, and concentrating on the real story of the World Cup - all of the cunts that have come out of the woodwork because Oz lost a few games. Mr Gavaskar, take a bow. Now I realise that a shortarse like him would have trouble reaching the moral high ground, but to drag David Hookes' death into his rant on Oz on-field behaviour? I will raise a large cup of get fucked to him. Thankfully, his team will be flogged, his records will be broken, and he can drift into irrelevance.

Ive been trying to remember if Gavaskar's always been this belligerent. Who's yanked his chain?

In a scathing reaction to Ricky Ponting’s attack on him, a combative Mr Sunil Gavaskar struck back with vengeance, saying a "hot headed guy" might actually whack the Australian cricketers if they dared replicate their on-field behaviour in a bar.

The former India captain justified describing the Australian team's behaviour as "awful" and said it would be difficult for players, who use such language, to get away from a bar without being physically hurt.

"Some day, some other hot headed guy might actually get down and you know whack somebody who abuses him," Mr Gavaskar said. Citing the example of former Aussie cricketer David Hookes, who had been fatally beaten up outside a bar, Mr Gavaskar said the behaviour of current players could land them in trouble.

"There's the example of the late David Hookes. Would the Australians who use that kind of language on the field, and not all of them do, in a bar and would they get away with it? "Would they have a fist coming at their face or not?" Mr Gavaskar said on sports channel ESPN's breakfast show Taking Guard.

Defending his decision to walk out of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in protest against an lbw decision in 1981, Mr Gavaskar said: "The reason the walk off took place was simply because I was abused by the Australians." He said it was the on-field behaviour of a side which mattered the most in cricket.

"Let me also come back to what he (Ponting) said about, the way I played my cricket and I do not know what he's looking at. When he talks about the Indian team not having won matches, we are not talking about winning matches here, we are talking about behaviour on the field," he said.

Wonder how long it will be before he says "I was taken out of context".

Wonder also how Mike Coward will react to the Little Maestro's comments.

I love going misere. That it pisses people off is just a bonus.

There's only one thing to say to that, TC - eight hearts!

Look Tones - 8 hearts after a misere is just a bloody spoiler's move. The sort of person who would order a shandy in a LITE beer.

I reflexively call 8 to spoil misere. Nor would I ever order anything as strong as a LITE shandy.

FXH, you're a euchre men, eh? If we rid you of this inexplicable taste for the Handsome Family you may well be perfect.

It's odd that I often confuse the Handsome Family with Lambchop. The latter go vaguely alright and do some good stuff, while the former sound like they are still in bed with a hangover.

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