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If you haven't seen Sweet Smell of Seven Letters, you should. Best newspaper fillum, like, evah.

His Girl Six Letters is very good, too.

The Five Letters with Michael Keaton is dreadful.

what a satisfying response...

The General Knowledge crossword in the Saturday A2 section of the Big Paper has just dumbed down, within the last few weeks - there used to always be a few Classical allusions half of which I had to look up - I've completed the dumb-down version without reaching for a book which is disappointing.

G'day Ben, great to hear from you again.

Yep, the Sat-Age GK has dumbed down alright. It only takes about 5 minutes to get it 95% solved, which is hugely disappointing. That leaves only a few clues that need nutting out or encyclopedia-ing. Personally I'd almost prefer those numbers were reveresed.

TT, sounds almost like a print version of 1 vs 100 then.

1 vs 100 - ridiculously easy. They may as well give the moolah away.

Even Andrew Bolt thought it was easy.

Dunno if they're doing it on purpose, but they seem to be wickedly underestimating the audience. I mean, we're not all morons, just some of us.

Here Here Tony.
I totally agree with you.
You live in Richmond? So do I.

Tony Curtis' greatest role.

man - bolt thought it was easy. that rant of his makes it look like he's turning into an elitist lattenay sipping soft pseud shuffler.


Stuff the MBEs! Titles for all and seats in the House of Lords! Last one to Buckingham Palace is a rotten egg. Whoops, no good for Joycey, who settle for no less than County Fermanagh being returned to the Republic! No. Stuff that. The Republic & the UK can reunite and crown Joycey, Edward the Ninth, Emporer of the Universe!

It's the dawn of a new golden era for Iri...South Afri...Engl...whatever cricket. Who cares! They won! No need to try any more, just lap it up, get trolleyed and remind everybody for the next 40 years about the time they thrashed Australia by 92...who said 92? No make it a buzillion runs, and they did it without any arms or legs, with an anvil tied around their necks and their ears nailed to the pitch. Not to mention the umpires setting up machine gun nests at the non-strikers and square leg to take pot shots at Joycey, who, incidently, is everyone's new best mate until they forget about him next week and want to lynch him the week after that. Oh, and the Australians cheated too by not committing mass Hari-Kari the moment anybody on the England team appealed. They should have got down on their bellies, kissed Flintoff's feet and pled for mercy for being so arrogant as to even strap on the pads. Disobedient convict scum they are! In fact, the whole series was a set-up until now. If Panesar opened the batting and bowling and kept wicket between overs, England would have won the series hands down. It's likely the Australian nation would have given up on cricket all together. England were just setting up the perfect ambush! And they did it, so there! Take that Australia, you nobodies!

And you know why the land of criminals are afraid of Monty?! Because they're not just cheats and convicts, they're racists too! That's right. All Australians are racist. Every last one of the filthy, dirty rotters. John Pilger and Germaine Greer told me so. But don't worry about them. Just ask poor Andy Symonds who wishes he was English but won't admit it because he's afraid of being shackled, whipped and sent to work on a cane farm for the term of his natural life.


Just because your chaps lost a game to the third worst ODI team in the world is no reason to come off your meds.

I was impressed with the way Hussey responded to the first real bit of pressure for the first time this series.

Anyway, as the saying goes: one swallow doesn't make a bunch of underperforming knobends not er..shit. Or something like that.

Expect NZ to thump us on Tuesday.

Tony - do you know of any good on-line crossword websites?
I partake in the smh.com.au one daily.

Naa, not really. I suppose the cryptic one in The Australian could be online somewhere, or maybe at The Times, since that's where it comes from, but I've never really looked. Amearican crosswords are shithouse, too, so I never bother with them.

I like to do them in the paper, though, while I'm watching telly.

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