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Well, they keep me entertained. Although, I am easily amused.

Or he might not.

That's rather singular of you.

Sags: Thanks, I aim to easily amuse. (By the way, were you around during The SmAshes?)

B: Write on, sister.

Top of my blog roll for a reason Tony.

This is the internet equivalent of the few jars after the game at the Cricketer's Arms (or equivalent). Matters must be dissected and projections made.

You have collected a fairly astute set of commenters and I can't remember any wanton abuse. (Some pointed and relevant abuse has certainly been made.)

Where else would we go to have something like this?

Well I would say that, wouldn't I?

Who is up for the Chappell Hadles Challenge starting on Friday? Don't all rush in at once!

Thanks, Bruce, the cheque's in the mail. Don't bounce it all at once.

Who knows, Wicky, those K1W1 commentators are choice, bro.

Go Dees.

There's no higher sign of acknowledgement, Peter. It's like Christians drawing half a fish in the sand.

We get crucified, too.

A lot less now that Brian Sheehan's quit.

Someone will pick up the slack. Andrew D. could bring back John Harvey.

Speaking of John Harvey, I play tennis against him every year at the Cohuna Lawn Tennis Club Easter Tournament. Bad sport. Borderline cheat. Fat bastard.

Not a bad forehand though.

My first AGB experience was googling to an old post rating the various Channel 9 commentators. It was a spectacular post, but it was the comments that kept me interested. Hell, I even stuck around after I discovered Tony was a Dees man, so there must be something worthwhile in it.

There are some very well written blogs about the Internets, but it's the interesting communities that develop around them that make them worth the reading and the contributing.

I just drop in to use the toilets and check the ciggie machine for change.

P: Next time you play against him, remind him about how he belted us against Carlton at Optarse in '96. Naturally, when I write 'remind him', I mean with a racket.

H: It's true. If a blog has a, for want of a better word, lively comments section you can check in any time to see what's what, even if what's what isn't. (Get out of that sentence alive!)

N: I've just applied for an online liquor licence.

All the commentors here are a mob of fuckin wankers.

I can be a prick sometimes

If Global Warming means less recourse to the Duckworth-Lewis logarithm then it's got my vote.

I've just applied for an online liquor licence."

How far do we have to be from the bar and food serving areas to light up? Ciggies and cigars I mean.

"All the commentors here are a mob of fuckin wankers."

But unlike certain defrocked Jesuit gaming consultants, some of us can hold their liquor to well past sunrise.

"I can be a prick sometimes"

Get a grip on yerself man.

(This comment brought to you by Bowmore 12 year old single malt and Odgen's Nut Gone Flake played loud. I'm surprised no bloggers or commentators have cottoned onto Professor Stanley Unwin as a prose stylist yeti yet yes indeed)

OT; Did you realise (Wickstein would) that it is still possible to see a VH/SLE Dunnydore in the wild on the north side of Herr Colonel Light's city? Yesterday I watched in amazement as an alleged humanoid male placed it's wide and hairy derrier into the well formed, ass-crack contoured ginyouwhine velour, fired up the Gaia-destroying piece of junk and watched as it wheezed and belched it's way out of the shop car park, leaving a glistening trail of radiator blood and the lubricating contents of the velocimpeller. Coulda sworn they had gone the way of T-Rex, but computer says nooo...alive and being flogged like rented mules in the tropical oasis of Lisbeth SA.
Lucky to escape with my shoes I was.

Tony, I can't speak for the other commenters (commentators?) here, but mine are certainly top shelf.

I get all my sporting paraphernalia right here.

i don't even read tone's post, i only read the comments. and let's face it the blog could be improved. i suggest an RSS feed of the comments only, because then I wouldn't accidentally see some of the shit that tony posts, i could skip straight to the good stuff.

oh, also how about embedding a midi file that plays "click go the shears" like a shitty ring-tone, that would aussie.

ps: Ken Parish sounds like a poonce if u ask me.

I don't like it when people start out with name only followed by a comma. as in:

I omit a salutation because you must respect my authoritae.

i bet he's a member, and therefore, a wanker.

Tony sneers at us on pension day.

Hear, hear, Tone - it's the comments and the lively debate that keep me coming back for more, and most definitely what made me a regular as opposed to a "casual or new reader". You could probably write a post that just said "cricket" and I'd read the comments.

Let's not give him any ideas now Carrot.


Just testing. The network here has been playing up so that only Churlish of West Heidelberg has been able to post a comment at AGB. Blast his toothless skull.

Late to the party here. Ump John Harvey, number 25 on his back. Obviously I still remember him & the game against Collingscum (v Bombres) in the mid 90's when UJH paid 20 odd frees to the pies in term 3....What a surprise they (scum) came outta the clouds to pinch the game @ the G. UJH, worst there was & ever will be..... They all seem to be lawyers or teachers, not that there's anything wrong with teachers....

Well, I'd never heard of him before, but my! what a fine upstanding gentleman this Mr Harvey must be!

not that's there's anything wrong with teachers...

...or lawyers. Excuse me, I must no go to my seminar on "Discretionary trusts - how to rort the tax system for the benefit of rich people."

nabs - I could hold the grog but not the thought of doing much the next day.

Anyway I sloped into the cab at what I thought was not too long after midnight.

On arriving home I noticed the microwave clock on kitchen said 5:30am - so I re jigged it back to 1:30am.

Sitting in my office I noticed the other clocks were on 5:37am.
Crawling, quietly into bed I noticed both bedroom clocks were reading 6:10am.

Clocks are funny. Aren't they.

Speaking as a Pom, I only visit AGB to show solidarity with Kylie.

And also to talk about the Waffen SS.

I also agree with Harry Hutton (see top of blog, front page). Using an enigma machine on Tone's entries I've only managed to gather the following information in 12 months:

He likes his cricket.
He teaches.
He probably isn't a manic depressive, although he does like quizzes.

Did someone mention the Waffen SS - the finest Panzergrenadiers of the Wehrmacht? Its time for another crusade against Bolshevism. It's time!

Wacht am Rhine, Männer!

(Lehrer können get nicked.)

Lehrer unterrichten nicht die Revolution...das sie die Revolution sind!

What's German for "Why the fuck is Watson still in the one day team when they flew Tait in?"

Warum das Bumsen Watson noch in der einer Tagesmannschaft ist, als sie Tait innen flogen?* (courtesy of Google translate)

"Tait innen flogen" sounds ominous. Maybe he shouldn't be selected after all.

Though "Bumsen Watson" is appropriate.

Hang on, I think I've got it:

Wïë ïst fücked!

And at 2/16 in the third over, we are looking more than slightly fücked.

as you said: the comments here are gold.

I come over here to throw shit on Tony Greig, Hawkeye, and the Chucker Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered.

Beats kicking the dog. (well, the dog thinks so)

Pedro, did you cop Nine's gadget poll? Viewers voted Hot Spot their fave toy. The figures are approx, but it went something like this:

50% Hot Spot
25% Super Slooooooo Moooooooo
15% Pawk Pie
6% Snicko
4% Three Tracker

HS was OK, but SSM would (in my opinion) be the best if Nine didn't use it over selectively.

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