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Watson to open. Niiiice. Hogg and Voges in - as a West Aussie niiiice, as an Australia supporter - Huh?

Vogans in the Australian cricket team?

We're batting first, so we've lost again.

Appears so Wickky. I'm more concerned about the flaccid bowling rather than the inept batting at the moment. Doesn't matter if we make 500, we won't bowl them out for less.

Ditto, dawgs. It's all about the bowling. On any reasonable track we'll score a shitload, but we've no chance of defending it.

Given this start, you'd have to think the selectors could be tempted to open with Flatty and Paper. Gilly at seven is looking mighty attractive.

Why is Hogg even in the bloody team?

They want a good leg spinner and he's the only one who approaches good AND can bat a bit. Albeit "approach" from a fair way off.

White is rubbish, MacGill can't bat at all and our offies are cannon fodder.

Hogg is in because, umm, McGill is persona non grata?

But I guess it's not fair to single Hogg out. Besides Lee, has there been any Australian bowler showing form in the ODIs? Even Clarke was way too expensive if I recall correctly.

McGrath looks as though he might slow the rate then a batsman hops down the wicket and tonks him.

Bracken is OK for a couple of overs but isn't swinging it enough to look consistently threatening.

Johnston is innoccuous.

Tait should open.

With any sort of luck Hogg would probably snag the odd wicket.

Doubt that Lee or Symonds will be able to come back firing.

Rehab Robbie Williams is suffering depression. I know the feeling.

CrocInfo: "Tuffey to Haddin, 1 run, good ball! Slower on in the blockhole, a good yorker, but Haddin digs it out and pinches the run, good stuff all round."


Crocky: "As Hayden limps to square leg, and the physio checks on his foot, some cheeky chap operating the PA plays REM's Everybody Hurts"

Question: Is there a more overrated band than REM?

A ton to FTB. Interesting.

And a sore foot. What if he gets injured, too?

Sore foot? BRAIN DAMAGE!!#[email protected]!!

Then we'll open with Watson & Gilchrist I guess. (*shudder*)

Question: is there any batsman more overrated than Hayden?

Question: was Marshall better than Ambrose?

Question: why are Aus sucking so badly?

Well, it looks like Flatty's OK. He might be overrated, but if he keeps getting tons, he's unlikely to get dumped.

Question: is there any batsman more overrated than Hayden? Verandah Slog.

Question: was Marshall better than Ambrose? Equal.

Question: why are Aus sucking so badly? Tapering.

Answer: Yep, but we can't find him yet

Answer: Yep, cause he could bat a bit

Answer: Cause our bowling attack is shite.

And 4 sixes from 8 balls to Hayden. He's eaten Brett Lee's weetbix today.

Be funny if we got exactly the same total as we got on Sunday. Not funny ha-ha, of course.

Oops. Shameless out. Scratch that last comment.

Considering BOnd & Vettori are out, we should do much better than Sunday.

Apparently all these sixes mean the cricket is exciting. It's embarrassing.

The game appears to have passed the Australian team by.

We seem to be going with the smash, consolidate, smash approach when everyone else seems to have given up on the middle step, especially on the postage stamp grounds that the current games and future World Cup games will be played on. Not many Aussie 6s hit between overs 15 and 40 - whereas the Kiwis don't seem to care. Mishits go all the way so why not have a crack.

What's Gayle paying for leading run scorer?

346/5 - that's around 145 short of a defendable total.

At least they beat Sunday's score.

White had 13 with 2 sixes. Is that good enough?

Considering he's not going to Windia, it's good enough for the Puras and the Ford Ranger McDonald's Gillette Mercantile Mutual Cup Trophy.

Another brilliant innings by the Flatmeister.

He's now got the Australian Test and One Day record scores. Only problem was that he got the Test one against a side that would flat out be struggling to beat my clubs' "E" Grade side and the One Day one on a ground slightly bigger than my back yard.

But "it's not how, its how many" goes the saying. So he's a gun. I think.

you need 6 wickets to seal the match...not 4
NZ can still win this

Mitchell bowling like Mick here. The score and run rate look South African...

What were they? 5/120 odd. If we lost from here we'd look completely stupid. Especially with a couple of average cricketers like McMillan and McCullum doing the one-two-slog, one-two-slog.

My predictions for the world cup.

Someone - Gayle, Gibbs - will make 200.
South Africa will win.
McGrath will be humiliated.
Spectators will be unexcited.

Yep, this is even more embarrassing then Sunday. Here, have a five wicket start and still beat us. I'll bet that twat Buchanan will tell us that we're not close to the team so we shouldn't be critical.

My prediction for here.

New Z'Lund to do it in a canter.
Me to go "Yeah, so what."

They were 4-41 after 9. Since then, they've scored 208 in 25 overs.

And they don't even look like getting out despite batting like a couple of tonkers in a back yard on Xmas day.

They don't like it up em, do they?

Well, that dive wasn't a Dalrymple, but it was pretty slick snaffle, all the same. Going faster, too. Let's call it a Voges.

No, let's just forget this fucking nightmare ever happened.

Smuthy is excruciating.

WTF happened to bowling with some fricken discipline!!!!!

Another reason to hate Brett Lee and Steve Waugh's policy for his use. "We don't care how much tripe you send down as long as you get a couple of wickets."

10 wide balls bowled for a total of 22 runs. Remove 5% of the total and give them 2 extra overs to chase with. Farken disgraceful.

Madness! We gave up more extras in NZ's first over (6 with 27 overall) than NZ did in Straya's whole innings (5).

Amazingly, Australia are still favourites for the World Cup with the British bookmakers. I'm seriously considering putting a tenner on Scotland and Holland during their group games against Australia.

Honestly, I'm not too unhappy with things as they are. The Kiwis and Poms are cock-a-hoop both entering the WC on a high with great form. Saffas similar. I discount all three for those reasons and am now blowing them out in the odds.

I like Oz form given that they can mount a huge total (at the moment unable to defend it) and have shown the ability with the right bowling attack to dismantle a team as well. However they must be very angry with themselves and determined to get revenge and reassert their dignity - which just out from the WC is exactly where I'd want them to be.

So, there must be good odds for Oz which I'm inclined to take up but am also looking to the homeside with India worth a look.

More madness! Bookie madness! March madness! Pass a crayon, I'm hungry.

Pink is strawberry, you know.

Mmm. First four rolled over, no Oram the power hitter, and they still make it. All very puzzling. Enjoyable, though.

Brown is shit :(

Pat - not sure I'd agree about Oz mounting big scores, easily. NZ had no Bond, Vettori, Oram or Mills today, and their bits and pieces bowlers got well smacked here and in the last ODI.

I'd move Hodge up to open with Watson now that Hayden looks doubtful and put Gilly down the order for the WC.

Well, I reckon we're back. With England, Sorth Efrica und En Zed all c.a.hoop, the ambush has been set and the time is almost ripe to strike.

Beware the wounded koala.

With the batting the middle order is sus and with the bowling Hogg is a big problem with Watson possibly needing a bit more time to get the economy down with accurate bowling.

But we haven't seen the complete team in action for some time so the above probs can and will IMO be rectified come WC. I'm not getting it all on the nose for an Oz win come WC but I fancy them in these circumstances going in rather than demolishing the Poms and Kiwis going in.

As we have seen in the last month ODI form is very fickle. When you're on a roll it goes but when you're rocked it's hard to get back up. And the more wins in a row the more losses are your due.

One need only take the All Blacks example going into the last few World Cups to see that WC form is all that counts and no matter how many you win leading up it can all come unstuck pretty quickly. Losses are good to reinforce the pain of losing.

I'm with Buchanan - our variables seem to be invariably looking good but who knows what variables the future may hold. Bring on the Sweatys!

On topic: The latest search request.

You are fucking kidding me.

Spankys in full cry shitbagging Oz and the Buck. Things just keep on getting and better for Oz. I'm starting to get excited!

Amanda: Don't worry, all the omens are lining up.

Pat: Reading that article this morning I couldn't help but conclude that all the omens are lining up.

Amanda: See.

Speaking from a cosmic justice standpoint, should a team that loses five games on the trot be allowed to break the streak against Scotland?
Can't the Commonwealth Bank International Cricket Club not arrange a quick 3 game series starting tomorrow, finishing Friday against India? I'm sure a word with Pepsi and it'll be no problem.

Yep. That Watson's shithouse isn't he? So's that Hayden and his 27 overrated test centuries. And don't get me started on Hayden's crap technique?!

Fuckin' Banana Benders let us down again. They should have scored more than 259 between 'em!

I'm a Haydo fan Murph. Watson though - the problem is the bowling. He had the 2nd worst economy this game @ 8.8 to Voges who only bowled 3. Even Hogg was better at 5.71. To be fair he just pipped Johnson at 8.1.

It's Watson's bowling that is the problem since he's the designated all rounder. Batting has been impressive I must admit. If he can at least take 3 runs off the econ then he comes into consideration.


I agree that Watto's economy is not the best but at least he gets wickets.

Watto's economy wouldn't be an issue if the four specialist bowlers were doing their jobs properly.

Crucket? Fuck it. Crows vs Port on Friday night.

Crucket. Priceless. I'm taking all the credit for it, though. AND I think this is the 64th comment!

Still think we're a strong chance in the WC. We're trying all sorts of different things at the moment. Think the CBA series was a definite aberration, but with half the first-choice team missing and the batting order changing every match, I'm just not sure they cared too much about what happened in this series provided the selectors got a look at everyone.


Carrot, be that as it may it still leaves a bad taste in one's mouth.

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