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Tafe sounds like the Sheraton nowadays.

How about staying in class till you pass out just like the good old days or just sweat like a pig. Dignity is wasted on the needy

Easy solution: don't start school back until late March. Who's going to pick the summer crops anyway?

Good to see the young tykes knuckling down and getting an education.

Tony. Tony?

Whatever happened to Herr Professor...

Next step it'll be, Hey you, buggerlugs, scrote...

Just as long as they don't call me late fo ... nah, bugger it. I always hated that saying.

I doing my best up here to drink as much piss as I can.
SurferCam - Burleigh

Well, I've got to concede that sitting on a beach at Burleigh is a considerably more attractive prospect than sitting at a desk in Heidelberg West.

But only considerably.

putting water on ones self will only increase your body temperature. the moisture on the skin will be heated by ones body temperature then, in turn, increase the body temperature

>Who's drunk then? I've this theory it's Queenslanders who most help Straya achieve World's Best Practice in getting pissed.


*basks in recognition of a tough job done well*
*quiet pride*

and could the person who keeps smacking me in the side of the face with the floor please stop doing that? cheers.

anything is better than those useless electric hand-driers.

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