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I remember now where I first heard of The Wire. Thanks, Alistair.

Ahhh, sounds like I'd better get them Wire DVD's from u, b4 I get a real job again...Your best mate offered me a few shows to watch pre xmas (The Shield), but only on video, which I replied, "dvd only at my digs, ain't not got a VCR Govt" Well one that's hooked up to tele central.

Al Swearengen would kick Stringer's sorry arse.

I'd give it 9.5/10 too, I dock half a point because I want more nekkid chest shots of Dominic West.

Seriously, I've now finished S4 (yeah I cried like a bitch, yo, during that last ep) and you are NOT going to be disappointed with the two you haven't seen. At the moment I would choose The Wire over Deadwood just because I guess the whole world of TW carries more weight somehow. If you take liberties in the wild west, well ... but these stories need utter respect, IMO, and I'd judge lapses more harshly. Since it hasn't lapsed, it therefore gets more points. Plus the whole bleeding into the real Baltimore, like the ex police commish done for corruption now plays a homicide cop on the show, and produces/writes eps. And Melvin Williams the real drug kingpin Avon Barksdale is based on turning up at a reoccuring character (the Deacon) in S3 and 4. All that I guess will be on the commentaries, probably have to go buy the things legit now to hear them. Just uncommon depth to the whole thing. Omar is one of the greatest TV characters ever.

There's to be a 5th season, the last but at least they get to finish it off on their own terms.

Channel Nine should be allowed nowhere near it.

Sorry Amanda but Ch.9 have already left fingerprints on the prize.

The early episodes of Homicide: Life On The Street were excellent too.
The Wire rewards a commitment from the viewer.
and what is it about Baltimore?
John Flamingoes Waters, Wallis Simpson, and these great writers.

Glad you liked it Tony. I've pre-ordered Season 3 too. You know that McNulty and Stringer Bell are English? Also, the awesome Lester Freamon (ie Clarke Peters) was in Murder Most Horrid and Jonathan Creek:


Actually, do you get those over there? If not, you're not missing much.

I'd heard a lot of good things about The Shield so I bought a DVD of the first Season. It's not really happening for me. It's fine... But it's not the Wire.

And Carcetti (Aiden Gillen) who emerges in S3 is Irish.

I would have highlighted Omar more, except for cops allowing him to go on his merry hi-jacking way. That's a little hard to swallow.

Good news! Series Three was in my letter box when I got home from work last night.

Ok. Who was just searching for "the Wire" aftergrogblog?

I don't think there's much they can do with Omar. Since he robs exclusively drug dealers, not likely to be a police report and still less any witnesses.

Yeah I know, but still...

I like the way he's portrayed as NWA meets High Plains Drifter.

I loved when he .... jeesus, hurry up and see the rest so I don't have to censor the spoilers will ya?

Coincidentally, I have had "Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey" DVD sitting around for weeks from that Bigpond home delivery DVD thingo which I'm trialling. Popped it in this arvo and what do you know, it's hosted by Clarke Peters (Lester Freamon).

Still only up to S3 Ep3.

Whenever I see the name Clarke Peters, I think of Brock Peters.

The Wire got a pretty big wrap here.

I got about half-way through when it started on about how Season Four is the best. I'll hold off reading it until I've seen that season. Still, "the greatest programme ever produced for American television" is a serious claim and seasons 1, 2 and 3 are absolutely fantastic.

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