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Bernadette Young was the stand-in host while Delroy is on holidays.

The correct answer is of course Billy Ocean.

"Carribean Queen, la la lalala la la la"

yeah - Delroy is the only guy who can occassionally crack the whip on idiots. I've heard some of his fill-ins ramble on until nearly bloody 2 am with a pathetic lot of callers. I notice none of Tones regular hot shot quiztas even bother to ring in when Tones isn't there. Can't say I blame them. "In The Good Old Days " when we used to ring in we quickly sussed that you could buy time with Tones by talking about the GGs. We reckoned he's a man who likes a serious punt.

I still reckon when he's firing that Delroy runs the most intelligent talk back radio in Australia between 1am and 2 am.

Anyway good to see you off the bloody sport and the radio getting rid of a bit of sport too. Although local ABC radio is full of fill-in idiots not worth 10 mins of listening time. At least RN does summer reasonably.

oh the answer:

CHORUS: For the rain never falls on the dusty Diamantina,
The drover finds it hard to change his mind,
For the years have surely gone like the drays from old Cork Station -
And I won't be back till the droving's done.

God I hate the Brains Trust. Surely it's just idiots stalling while they furiously hammer away at Google.

Yeah, Tone needs to get back sharpish to put a stop to all the shenanigans. The guesty hosts don't know how to pull rank.

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