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Just when does one slip out of ya moccies?

Can ya pass the etiquite, etaquit, ettequet bloody manners book tones.

Anyway have a great oz day mate.

Someone was bound to beat me to it.
All right, well... congrats on the cricket then!

One can NEVER have too many paid public holidays, old chap.

Happy 'Strayaday.

It's a happy Straya Day, too, at the Groan's OBO:

England are corpsing live on my screen, displaying the aptitude of a bunch of sunday amateurs, the determination of a dying dog, this is filth. Absolute filth. The most hapless, feckless and pathetic performance since the last game they played.

OBO made especially sweet reading on Australia Day.

That and Sam Kekovic. His monologues crack me up.

You are officially an old grouch. Time to start looking for a trash can to live in. I mean rubbish bin.

You lot are lucky.
In England on St Georges Day the authorities or publicans hardly acknowledge it at all.
As for St Patricks day,St Andrews Day, St Davids Day, ramadan the pricks cant get enough of it.
As soon as we show a bit of national pride we normally get nicked, and tarred with being a member of NF or Combat 18.
Keep enjoying the day ladies and gents, and keep being proud of your nationality. As soon as the pc brigade get in or it starts slipping, well its a cancer that cannot be stopped

I confess I employed the phrase "Happy Strayaday" often and often yesterday. When one is drunk amongst a large group of people he cares but little for -- your typical Oz Day Hottest Hundred party -- he is grateful for everything that remotely resembles conversation. Hell, any variation from the usual "Gdayowsitgoinmateorrite?" is welcome indeed.

Call me Ozcar The Grouch. Just don't call me late for tea.

Well said, Vaughny. How's the knee? No chance of your lot being late for tea - they were in before sunset!

Chloe Saltau in today's Age wasn't the only reporter to slam England, but she was the only reporter to tell them to &^%* off. In the print edition, anyway, not online.

The game finished in the sunshine before 7pm and spectators who had paid as much as $60 for tickets had to find something else to do. Australia can only hope for more of a stretch when it plays New Zealand in Perth tomorrow. In the meantime, the kindest thing may be to summon the Virgin Atlantic Airbus and get England the &^%* out of here.

Straya day was the day when my most disliked relative popped out her whining potato-faced offspring (who was duly given a ragingly patriotic moniker) so every Straya day I am doomed to front up, with rictus in place to "celebrate" potato-face's birth. It's therefore a dead loss to me.

Yeah, get them the wingdings out of here.

Nah, seriously, keep 'em here as long as possible. Ever since 1981, I've taken an unholy glee in seeing English cricketers get done. The Ashes last year just sharpened that edge, really.

Oh, and as for Strayaday, I'm sick of the whole flag fetish thing.

This shits me about Straya Day. We spend 16 months shitcanning the decision to give the Poms gongs for winning the Ashes, and then the Hun says Our Boys not winning them a "snub". The reason Jones, Collingwood, Giles & co won a gong is PRECISELY the reason I don't want Our Boys to win them.

Ashes heroes' official snub

AUSTRALIA'S Ashes-winning cricket heroes - unlike their English counterparts 18 months ago - have been overlooked for national honours.

Not even skipper Ricky Ponting is among those lauded in today's Australia Day awards.

The snub is in stark contrast to the swag of gongs for the England squad after its 2005 Ashes triumph.

We had a most interesting round table "discussion" regarding burning the flag. We had pro burners and anti burners and don't care burners. Fair enough. Then I asked wether it was OK to burn the aboriginal flag. Well well splutter splutter!

I want my moccies back.

Forget the flag, I'd rather burn Darlene's moccies.

The Australian Sports Medal was instituted for the very purpose. If they didn't even get those awarded by a self-confessed cricket tragic, then it makes a mockery of the awards system. Hang on...

easy for the mother of a most beautiful child to call another's "potato face', but WHAT? is the "suitably patriotic name" of potato face?
I rilly want to know ...
Dirk Hartog
Bradman .... tell us please.


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