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The pic looks more like the rehearsals for a local theatre arts/street theatre troop protesting at the latest whatever.

How about "First Serb Held" once the wallopers collar someone?

What a bunch of idiots!
And right when most of the world is watching Australia.
I hope they get deported!

That photo's a riot.

In further 'ethnic' news...what goes around, comes around!


Wasn't that Grace Jones? Slav To The Rythm

Croats Vs Scrots?

But drag racing crowds rioting is just aussie kids having a dip in the spirit of Gallipoli and looking after their mates - by trashing Blockbuster Video.

Where were the Swiss supporters? Staying neutral of course.

Enjoy the cheese and chocolates pussies.

That footage of the rev-heads trashing Blockbuster was priceless. I've always wanted to trash Blockbuster, too.

The Paki fans are tame, but the Sorth Effie fans are animals. Doubtless Gibbs will hammer them next time they shitcan a member of a touring team.

He should have said it was Pik The Cameraman.

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