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Andrew Strauss must feel like a condemned man. He just got another ABSOLUTE SHOCKER. At least Slatts and The Dick let the umpy (Steve Davis) have it with both barrels.

I though McCullum was a fathead but first he - correctly - ran out Murali, and now today he almost sold Ed Joyce a very slick dummy stumping.

Maybe I'd confused him with McMillan.

McMillan is just fat 8-)

I'm studying for exams at the moment. Would a layperson armed with Google beat a studious practitioner on a multiple choice exam in a specialty subject? Maybe, maybe...

Perhaps England will use Google enabled mobile phones to find some answers on the field of play!

Depends on what the questions were asking - concepts no, facts yes. Failing that, just take option C.

c for cheat?

C for chuck.

Some of us only get one degree - others get over 15!

And some get taught by me. I'd call them on Boxing Day.

MBEs for all! See you at Trafalgar Square!

They deserve the accolades. Especially after somehow managing not to cho ... give the game to NZ.

yeah woeful and yet Bernie is not too bad when she hits her stride on other stuff, but her quiz skillz are about as on the ball as a vasectemy by Tony Abbott.

Bring back Tones - he always has 'em signed sealed and delivered, with even a few puns, by 1 am.

Last night they needed to answer three questions in fifteen minutes to fit the show in before 1:00. They only managed two. Nor was it Bernie's fault, the callers were either google cheats or rank imbeciles.

The second last question had a kid answering "Who played Uncle Arthur in Bewitched?" He got it right (Paul "Mildew Wolf" Lynde), but his parents were obviously googling in the next room.

The last question was a little harder to google "In which city is the Drew Carey Show set?" (Cleveland.) As soon as the kid ummed and ahhed Bernie gonged him. But the subsequent callers couldn't anser it, either, and when the 1:00 news started I turned the radio off in extreme disgust.

The smart caller must have gone on holiday with Tones.

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