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I hope you disputed that, Tony.

Nothing worse than losing a trivia game.

The trivia host wasn't having it so pelvis was still marked right.

We lost alright. Spanked, we were.

You're both wrong. The leg begins at the pelvis, and ends at the ankle. Which is at the end of your leg: your foot or your hip?

The triv host certainly meant topside, but the foot question was also asked so's to clarify matters.

Language is abused once every minute in the world...


I think that type of episode is why I gave up on trivia nights.

Easier to just throw a shoe over the pub roof and have done with it.

I'm confused. The leg bone's connected to the...?

Simon: That's The Office, right? I'm one of the few people in the universe who's never seen it.

Wicki: We were banned from singing that song. Even though there's no such thing as "the hip bone". Not according to the trivia host, anyway.

It is Tony. You must be great at trivia with those educated guesses.

Your free use of the word "pelvis" has suddenly depressed me - when I was a lad I was forbidden to use it as it was believed to be a dirty word. Too close (in more ways than one) to the word "penis" I suppose.

We've come a long way since then.

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