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CrookInfo haven't updated. Yousuf scored another ton in the first dig against the Windies yesterday. Despite him scoring tons hand over fist, it's snuck up on me that he could break IVA's record for runs scored in one calendar year.

Has Hussey had the best debut full year of test (and one day for that matter) cricket in history?

Gilchrist would have been been averaging around Hussey's at the same amount of innings. He's now averaging around 48.

In those Cricinfo batting stats, it's indicative that 7 of the top 9 occured in the '00s. Obviously more tests these days. But worse quality opposition & bowlers and better pitches. Makes IVA's record outstanding.

It makes you think that nobody will break the Don or IVA's records.

Unless Yousuf breaks IVA's record, of course......

Nah, MEK Hussey's broken all sorts of records getting where he is. Gilchrist's early averages were about 63 or so.

Ponting's 2006 numbers are good too- he's past 1000 for the year in just 7 Tests. Maybe he should convert to Islam so his batting performances double.

Punter has three tests left in 2006 to get past IVA's mark and needs another 650 runs.

Nahhh even for Punter that's a big ask.

By the way, ABC2 (ch 126 on digital) are showing the Ashes '70/71 series at about 11pm at the moment. Greg Chappell's debut 100 at the WACA was on last night. He had a copybook batting stance.

Terry towelling hats, crowd invasions at centuries, kids by the ropes picking up the 4's (before they reached the fence), no helmets, Grey-Nicholls everywhere and Ian Redpath being Ian Redpath.

I once wrote that Ponting's 2003 wasn't as good as Viv's 1976. I stand by that in the same way I'd suggest Yousuf's 2006 isn't as good as Viv's 1976, even if he breaks Viv's record. But Ponting now features four times on that list, so from a consistency perspective he's pretty damn handy, at least.

Any trumpets, Rich?

Not much trumpeting it would seem, crowd shots are great, the WACA has changed a tad. I was looking for the action replay all the time.

Tone, if you happen to check in with ABC2, check out Monkey Dust (I think on Sat and Tues before the sports revival show). An animated UK program, off the fucking wall!

I remember going to the WACA in Dec 1974 - very primitive.

Will do on ABC2. It's on Foxtel, also, but I always seem to forget it's there. Which is stupid, really, because the only ever show I've seen on it is a doco on Sam Peckinpah, so you'd think I'd be watching it all the time.

Huss only averages 76? Well, that's just not good enough ... wait til the Sinney press gets onto this, there'll be some bloody plonker in grade criket averaging 150 who will be headlined to replace him.
Pity about poor ol' Jacquesy, the Warriors took his pants down and JL rubbed in the salt.

Sigh. Typical Sandgroper.

We're carrying you bloody Vics. One day when I get the time (very busy saving the world at the moment)I will write a piece proving that once the Victorian stranglehold on selection to the baggy green was broken, Australia became an invincible force in world cricket.
It will be my thesis that the selection of Victorian cricketers kept the Poms competitive for decades before this.
No facts to back this up yet, I'll fill them in when I've written the conclusion.
Dark days may lie ahead though, one Vic and two Taswegians on the panel. Chaired by a Croweater.

This 20 innings qualifier is a load of old crap - it needs to be a minimum 5000 test runs, which is disappointing for Pollock who quite a few of those in the know rated best of the rest after that freak Bradman. Personally, I've seen no one better than Viv. My first cricket memory was him taking England apart in 1976. Ponting, Lara, Tendulkar and Dravid should be on their knees before the great man.

The common denominator is the conversion rate - Bradman's is phenomenal - 29 100's to 13 50's. Ponting, Dravid, and Tendulkar are all around 1:1, but that overrated hack Lara is quite a bit worse.

Lara got a great deal of his runs by batting on to 400+ against minnows when he should have been declaring.

re conversion rate - Bradman never got out in the 90's; JL only once, on 99.

I don't mind Lara. He's just unlucky he came into the Widies AFTER their era of dominance.

When he's going, he never looks like getting out. I would struggle to keep him out of my Best Ever" team.

And Yousuf goes past Viv's 1976 record today. 8 hundreds this year. At home and on the road. I thought Punter last year was as close as anyone would get to it.

That is a mountain of runs.

The golden age for batting. Are decks really flatter? bowling attacks less potent? bats better quality? Maybe all three?

In a words, Bruce, yes, yes and yes.

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