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There's no such thing as political correctness. There's no such thing as political correctness. There's no....

A++ answer but because you are in the education business in Australia I feel you are obligated to penalise this mysoginistic, chauvinistic neocon.

I recommend an A+ only

This is a sex education class no?

Front End Loader - won't start - can't get crane up?

1 - You have turned it on haven't you?
2 - Ya reckon the battery is flat?
3 - Why you askin me?
4 - Fucked if I know I only work here
5 - Geez - it's morning smoko - can't you come back sometime after lunch?

You drive one don't you, FX?


See youse whinge about marking, but it's worth it, isn't it? Just for these moments.

There are plenty of others, too, TC. For instance, see if you can guess what this word is - palarotys.

Could you give me some context? Been trying for two hours and can't think of it.

Think of the top and the bottom of the world.


That's the one, Prez. Dunno what they're teaching at VCE, but that's taking funetticks to the extreme, if you ask me.

And I'm starting my teaching career next year. You could have warned me about this earlier.

That's nothing. Not only is the spolling appolling, just wait 'til you get a geeze at the standard of handwriting.

Dear TT - is this the moment for me to draw your attention to your Byline above where it says 'virutally'?

love and peace ...

Yep, political correctness is awful, particularly when it's about acknowledging that women exist.

Sexism does exist, sexism does exist....

Brownie: Virutally has been there all the time. It's my totemic spelling mistake.

Darlene: "I can only say that I reject any inference of wrongdoing."

Either that, or it shouldn't have "end" in it - she should be doing the washing, right?

I prefer top-loaders. I've always had this phobia that the doors on front-loaders will leak water all over the place.

Oh. I just worked it out this morning. Lucky I'm not a teacher.

It doesn't matter whether you are or you're not. Just mark it wrong under the law of averages that it's a nonsense word.

There's always the risk when they write like that they are being strictly fonetic and their bruvvers are rilly rilly huge and they have been taught in their home culture to throw their enemies off the cliff behind the village at home.

This one's a recent VCE graduate, whose mum came from Sorth Efrica, but his dad's side is a dinky di engineer. Sister a qualified physio, brother doing an MBA. Not the average environment for a word butcher.

Come to think of it, maybe the joke's on me. He COULD have been taking the piss.

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