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I have heard many people around the nets say The Wire is the best thing on television. I haven't looked into it yet though.

Sounds great, Amanda. Hopefully it will turn out to be a goody, as many of those Baltimore based shows are.

There must be something about Baltimore that Gram Parsons wasn't telling us.

Fox 8 you say. The Wire must like totally rock dude.

Yo. I'm hip to that, bro.

Nine must be a bit more prudish than Ten, then. Barely twenty seconds into last night's episode of Tripping Over last night, two young things were having it off.

I watched for a further ninety seconds to see if it was repeated, then turned off the telly.

People called Romanes, they go the 'ouse?

I don't think Nine are prudish - not late at night, anyway - they probably thought the saucy bits were the best to cut to fit the extra ads and cram the show into its timeslot.

Can't tell if they've cut any other bits.


I'll speak to that. The Wire is the best hour on American television at the moment, and it ain't even close.

Good stuff, Jim. It looks like I lucked onto a winner.

I've heard good things about 'The Wire' too. Gritty, dirty, funny etc. And set, like "Homicide: Life On The Streets", in Baltimore - a steamy little city which seems to attract some seriously out there visual storytellers from John Waters to Barry Levinson.

Back to 'Rome'. For some reason I'm reminded of the old Monty Python gag '"Gore Vidal's Caligua". Or at least he he wishes he was.'

Who's playing Cleopatra smuggled into Caesar's apartment rolled up in a carpet? And do we get to see Asterix and Obelix as well?

Well, this Wire is turning out to be quite the thing. Where have I been?

Asterix and Obelix are past tense, now. Crismus Bonus won and Asterix has been crucified and Obelix is being taken to Rome to be Atia's love slave.

"Obelix is being taken to Rome to be Atia's love slave."

Rilly? Well I guess it's true then what they say about men with big menhirs

"Crismus Bonus"

I still cracus upus at "Varius Flavus" and "Curius Odus" -from "Asterix In Switzerland"

All the English versions of the Asterix books represent one of the most sustained virtuoso translation efforts in modern history. In fact, a very bilingual Frog once confided to me, while looking aroundus furtivli, that the English versions were funnier.

If you are going to reference my blog, in fact even if you aren't, kindly get the name right. But as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Actually, I'm not sure if they say that. 1943 was a good year for jokes, and bakelite.

That's a 10 on the punrichter scale. Good work.

Nab: Ever since I first started reading ATG (1973) I wondered how the likes of Vitalstatistix would work in French. Which was appropriate I suppose, since we were reading Asterix for French class. AND Latin! Who'd have thought my school would be so cheap.

Phil: But Phil, you're not an "it".

Kieren: Don't you mean prichter?

I just noticed something interesting, or sort of interesting. Nine showed Rome for TWO episodes, but the same stuff was on TWO & A HALF DVD episodes.


That's it for me. And it's goodnight from him.

Open up Sendervictorious, it's me Appyanglorious!

so you buy from amazone tony? i do it also, but feel like I am wasting the world's resources shipping shit from the other side of the world that I could get here with a bit more effort.

Its that effort that burns up just as many resources. Just sit back and let someone else burn them for you.

Hell is other people's resources.

Hope they don't take too long getting Series II onto DVD either.

Tony, the Wire is fucking awesome.

Sounds the biscuit, Alistair. I'm looking forward to it.

So T, did you ever get to The Wire? I finally got around to it recently and have watched most of the first four seasons (half way through the most recent series) in the space of a couple of weeks. Am totally addicted and looking at the handful of eps I have left to go with trepidation because when its over, I'll be bereft. Just have to go back and watch them all over again I guess.

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