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There's one thing worse than footy's being all on Channel Seven, and that's footy's not being on until 1am lest it get in the way of Channel Nine's precious rugby league coverage. And that's been the plight of the ill-treated Canberran rules fans for years now. Unless of course the beloved Swans are playing, in which case we get it live. Because, you see, everyone in Canberra LOVES the Swans. Sydney's no more than 300km away, so obviously we're all dyed-in-the-wool Bloods fans.

If Bruce McAvaney is the price we have to pay for sensible footy coverage in the northern states, then give me a flamboyant tie and call me special.

My brother in Sinney has the same problem. That's why I'd like to see a tightening of the use it or lose it. Seven should have to put it on Friday night at 8:30 latest or give it over to Foxtel.

Given my erratic sleep patterns, I miss not being able to watch a random game at 4am.

ESPN's broadcasting technology is dire. Why is it that New Zealand vs Perth is broadcast way better then Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

By the way, don't expect AFL on Fox Sports next year. Nein owns half of Fox Sports and they will reap ratings gold if 7 and 10 both have to broadcast AFL at the same time.

Immediately cease all government funding to the ABC and SBS. They could then broadcast shows that rate - English comedy (Blackadder, Red Dwarf, The Office), American comedy (South Park, Scrubs, Drawn Together), Porn (every foreign film on SBS after 1pm), and Sport (local Australian rules, Tour de France, and the Cricket). They have the personnel, they have the channels....just not the will. It would also have the added benefit of forcing Tony Grieg, Kerry O'Brien et al off air.

Wicky: If I was Nine/Foxtel I'd be putting the screws to Seven/Ten, too. If either of the two new AFL partners go live or close to live into the northern markets next year they'll take an absolute hiding. Eddie up in Sydney and looking to impress his northern masters will be rubbing his hands with glee.

Nicky: Bit of a pipe dream there. Also, it seems nothing can stop Tony Grieg. He's a remorseless presence in Aussie cricket television, popping up everywhere the game is broadcast. (But my brother reckons he was great at a sports night.) Also, also, I hate Red Dwarf.

Funny how every show Nick mentioned is just bought from overseas like everything else. Why do we need 2 specialised public channels to do that again?

Also, all that stuff is also on Fox.

I love Fox - so much so, I pay for it. I never watch the ABC, and rarely watch SBS (the Ashes were great though), so...bugger.

It's true a lot of that British stuff is on Fox, but UK TV is Fox's greatest disappointment. IT should change it's name to The Bill TV.

Tone, just returned from a four week sporting sojourn through the USA. Their TV ads during post-season baseball are sensational - the first three times.

After that, they're just like Australian ads. Extremely annoying.

Yeah, that's about right. But at least here they would be a change from the usual plugs to watch the other shows on Fox. Some of which you are already watching anyway.

By the way, I toured the US in October 1999. It's a great time to get around the place.

Sure is. We got to the Dodgers v Mets game 3 in LA and games 6 and 7 of Mets v St Louis at Shea. There's nothing quite like doing serious sport live, Yank style!

We never got to see a match live at the venue, but every pub from Dallas to DC had it on every night.

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