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Go the Eagles!!!

They win all the time by 12 points do they?

No, Darlene - TWO! Sigh.

So what was the standard deviation then Tone?

I'd like to see some more pointless stats.... like "Gloved-hand gets"

We need the distribution of ALL gloved hand gets compared to all non-gloved hand gets before we can derive the standard deviation.

Know what I mean? Ho. Ho.

Well Tone you may be able to tell me who mode the grass before the two-tailed test of power that was the game on Saturday?

If you asked a random sample of the population for a prediction about the range of z score some might have to undergo some sort of regression analysis to remember the critical values that went into the sample distribution. A few might have even come up with a null hypothesis but they really should have allowed for a Type 1 error shouldn't they?

They should. We were just discussing it this arvo over tea.

As a historian by training, I can't recall margins being used much by my lot. I tended to cite combined totals rather than margins - as I'm sure did my more learned colleagues. Margins don't really make sense most of the time in histories - although dickhead students would be all over them (probably for the very reason that they don't really make sense!). Total, yes, margins, no.
I blame the science geeks for confusing the issue, then getting all pedantic about it.

I blame the papers. They seem to think twenty pages of tedious filler is better than ten pages of tedious filler. Those extra ten pages have to come from somewhere. It may as well be tedious stats as any form of tedious analysis and/or opinion.

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