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We're shooting more episodes of Lachlan Connor, Independent the weekend after next. I'll make sure one of the characters says "oodles" for you, Tony.

Thanks, Ed. That's the spirit.

"What are my hobbies? Well, I love cricket and am an enthusiastic oodler."

I have been to the bottom of the coal mine in the top half of your pic. It took oodles of time. Oodles.

Would doodles count? It's close.

Consider my latest post sufficiently oodlised.

Australian Oodle, anybody? It's just like Idol, only oodlerimificated.

Looks like the Age reads your blog, Tony - today's paper:


They'd be foolish not to, Nick.

"hinderance" is good too. What gets in the way goes behind - the problem is the arse. as always.

Nice to see the guys who will one day shake their heads over my 80 year old fusebox get to actually visit the source of The Force. Otherwise they may grow up believing electricky comes from holes in the wall.

While you were in the Valley, did you also get to take the class for a spin on one of these bad boys?

I hear that on an open road, they can hit a blistering 2kph. Of course the road is no longer once they've charged through.

One of those "bad boys" got toasted beyond repair by a coal fire two weeks ago.

They really should install ashtrays in those things so the drivers don't flick their butts out the window.

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