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The article is all about radio station Sport 927 whereas the heading is all about rival station SEN 1117.

The cleverness of your own title was almost Lausten me.
(no, it doesn't work in my comment, but I'm leaving it in anyway.)

TT, that would be 1116....as opposed to 3:16!

So the article was nonSENsical, then.

Anne: You'd think Austen would do the right thing and call herself AustIN. THat would work so much better.

Senor Nubis: Bravo. You didn't fall for my exquisite dummy-sell.

Carna: Appalling! A little more sensitivity please.

Well, upon reading this headline, I thought Gilly was going to win the Chris Judd award for expertise outside of one's field of expertise, but it looks like the gong is going to the SMH instead.


Fuck'n 'ell, Nick! So much for headlines actually having anything to do with the article. Yeah, sure it's a sly gag. But surely, SURELY, a proper, printy type newspaper is supposed to have their headlines pointing in the general vicinity of the associated article. You could read that ten times and still wonder what the hell was going on.

'You could read that ten times and still wonder what the hell was going on.'

Describes most articles in the Age and SMH......

I don't mind The Age's sport section, especially the Saturday and Sunday versions. But it's been a while since I read much of the rest. It's often a case of a quick glance followed by "Again!"

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