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I wonder what Battlefield Detectives : 2050 'the middle east' will show?

A large radiocative glass carpark in the centre of Tehran.

Yeah - and our troops still mired next door!

Best review I've ever seen of Battlefield Detectives- so much technology, so little to show for it!

"We hope our research will reveal that crisps were named in honour of St Crispin's Day."

Well, it's not exactly verbatim, but you get the picture.

oooh... God help you if you were buried in Europe in a proper tomb and Discovery Channel can cook up some garbage test to do with interfering with your parts.

Yes, we've proved it. In the fourteenth century, people had fleas.

I hate this shit. Now with international co-pros, films look they are made up of a bunch of spare parts. Why? because they are made up of a bunch of spare parts. check the 9.30 slot on sunday on ABC.

And the 8.30 thing about space, which does all these reconstructions that tell you absolutely fucking nothing.


And wait till the product placement starts.

"It was at this point that the Battle of Hastings was poised on a knife edge. Then King Harold took off his Oakley Combat Razrwire sunnies and looked up..."

Actually there you go Tony. Wanna fill up blogspace when you can't be arsed making a daily post? Host a "great product placement in history" comp. Make your commenters/magic elves work for you to fill up slow days.

Yeah, what a waste of scientific talent. Rather than analysing battlefield soil, I'd rather see the archaeologists doing independent analysis of Pakistani cricket balls and Sri Lankan bowling arms, while the ICC and the UWA Biomechanics Lab can analyse Richard II's remains and declare him perfectly straight.

I'll watch anything as long as it isn't 'American Chopper'.

What about Monster Garage?

Mr Corvette is the reigning class V National Mud Racing champ and a freelance artist. He and Jesse work to convert the quintessential American sports car into a mud-spitting, off-road dragster.

I find Time Team quite interesting though, it's just a shame they have the artificial 3 day limit on everything.

Do they do a Time Team Australia......

"We've found something Tony, this could be the oldest building in Oz, it must be fifty years old!"

Fifty? My house was built in 1885; it says so on the front. But I didn't build it myself.

Never heard of Time Team, by the way.

Actually, wouldn't the oldest building in Australia be an import? Captain Cook's cottage.

Aye, Cap'n, 'tis true at that. Oldest and smallest of entry portals.

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